5 Sci-fi themed bongs and pipes that are out of this world

Published Aug 21, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis is often used as an escape from this reality, or in the very least, from the stresses of it. If you are a fan of far off galaxies, space exploration, Sci-fi movies or aliens, then you will feel right at home with this list of 5 spectacular weed pipes and bongs that are designed to impress and work well enough to be considered and utilized by the both the most experienced cannabis enthusiasts, and newbies to the community.

1. C-1 Sci-fi gravity bong

Cost: $34.99

This gorgeous gravity bong works as both a regular bong and as a dab rig with a pressure lift sheath bowl, that makes taking tokes to a whole new level. It stands a total of 20cm tall, and like any gravity bong, it utilizes the sheer force from inhalation to filter the smoke through a chamber of water to cool. With a back off Sci-fi symbol, this one is sure to impress the Alien fans in your life.

Where to purchase: The Littlest Head Shop

2. Sandblasted Milky Way pipe

Cost: $49.99

These weed pipes will take you on an interstellar journey through the milky way, complete with planets, moons and stars. It’s made using only the highest-quality glass, and this 6inch long hand pipe is compact, easy to travel with and ideal for any of the hottest Sci-fi weed strains you can find.

Where to purchase: Brothers Glass

3. Sci-fi Futuristic Glass

Cost: $99

Every sci-fi fan that wants to announce their love of the genre would love this bong, which features a bright red radioactive symbol that can be seen from quite a distance. This one is 16 inches tall featuring a straight neck, ice notches and a glass beaker that is easy to clean and offers a smooth hit every single time. Its only downfall is, it isn’t compatible with marijuana concentrates; however, this makes it ideal for the bud lovers out there.

Where to purchase: Smoke Gurus

4. Alien glass pipe by Smoke Tower

Cost: $79.99

These weed pipes are handcrafted and blown using high-quality materials and artistry that is rarely seen amongst cannabis accessories. The best part about this piece is, despite the design, it stands a meager 4 inches tall and looks exactly like a menacing yet friendly alien lifeform enjoying a toke right alongside you. It also features a completely removable bong stem and is incredibly easy to clean for such an intricate design.

Where to buy: Smoke Tower


5. Hemper Mothership UFO bong

Cost: $99

This bong is the ultimate sci-fi fans dream piece, and just one look is all you need to see why. Watch as a floating cow is pulled up into a massive spacecraft which is the entire bong. The uniqueness of this bong shows in the numbers sold, with thousands of requests, and a waitlist necessary just for a chance at one of these beauties, but if you do get your hands on one. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Where to purchase: Hemper

Sci-fi weed strains

1. Darth Vader

2. Skywalker OG

3. Superman OG

4. Transformer

5. Death Star OG

6. Dr. Who

7. The Doctor

8. Sonic Screwdriver

9. Master Yoda

10. Ewok

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