5 Reasons to try CBD coffee

Published Aug 23, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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There are so many ways to replace everyday things with cannabis. Supplements, snacks, meals, creams, capsules, flower, concentrate, cocktails, and yes, even coffee, but is there a good reason to make the switch to CBD coffee specifically?

Here we’ll cover some of the most incredible benefits associated with CBD and conclude with other useful tips, tricks and facts you should know before trying it.

1. You won’t notice a difference in flavour

Once you get a taste of the many aromatic compounds that are present in CBD coffee, you’ll be amazed. Some CBD brands boast terpenes to complement the experience while others prefer to create products that taste no different than the real thing. This gives consumers options and makes it so those who don’t want to give up that traditional taste don’t have to, just to get the benefits of CBD.

2. Boost energy

Some consumers use CBD to sleep, but before that ultimate sense of relaxation (without the high) takes hold, it’s not uncommon for the user to experience a massive surge in energy, that some compared to an energy drink without all of those irritating side effects like the jitters. It’s a gentler, more functional energy boost, that can last for quite some time, without leaving you crashing as the effects wear off, and that’s a great thing.

3. Anti-inflammatory benefits

Have you been feeling stiff? Or do you have a long day of standing ahead of you? Perhaps an old injury is bothering you to the point where you’re struggling to move the way you used to and looking for pain relief, or you could be trying to keep a medical condition in check. Either way, the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD coffee are likely to help by relieving those annoying symptoms so that you can get back to living without stiffness.

4. Calming effects

We all know that drinking coffee isn’t the best health decision, and too much can have adverse effects such as shaking, anxiety, and increased heart rate. Luckily, CBD coffee can help to reduce the likelihood of experiencing post-caffeinated jitters, and it can decrease anxiety, to some extent balancing out some of the most commonly experienced side effects of regular coffee. Some even say it can help to improve mental clarity because the mind is no longer bouncing from one thought to the next.

5. It’s better for you


At the end of the day, coffee in moderation isn’t terrible but it’s also not good for you, so why not make the switch at least on occasion to something that comes with a wide range of health benefits? No matter how you look at it, and even if you don’t have one of the issues we’ve touched on, CBD coffee is far superior in terms of health.

What you need to know about CBD coffee

First things first. As much as CBD coffee might be a wonderful addition to your pantry, it really can’t replace regular coffee entirely unless you don’t drink a whole lot in the first place. This is because too much CBD can lead to other less than ideal side effects, that may amplify the issues we’ve touched on throughout this article. Instead, replacing 1 cup, 2 or even 3 could work over the course of a day, depending on the dosing used.

The last and perhaps most essential thing to remember is to start low and go slow so that your body can adjust to the new influx of cannabinoids. Dosing should be increased in no more than 5-10mg increments if you want to have the best experience possible.

How to add CBD to your coffee

You can add a few drops of any of the products listed below to a regular cup of coffee and instantly it’ll turn into a CBD-infused delight.

  • Edible CBD oil
  • CBD chocolate
  • CBD tincture
  • Water-soluble CBD products

Buy CBD coffee

If you don’t want to be bothered with making your own, then you can always buy CBD coffee beans or grounds and use them to replace your usual coffee in your coffeemaker.

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