5 Rare bongs that every cannabis user should see

Published Jul 9, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Bongs, like people, come in many different forms. As some refer to it as the bubbler bong, the percolator bong is a favourite among marijuana purest smokers. The smoke is dissipated before it passes through the water, causing a bubbling look. With the aid of this method of filtration, it can cool the smoke faster. Let's look at some of the beautiful bongs for sale on the market today.

Some of these bongs may not be available at the local smoke shops, but perseverance will be rewarded when you encounter one of these fantastic pieces of apparatus. Let us take this step by step. What is a bong, and how is this apparatus one of the best ways to indulge in cannabis use today?

Who was the first to use what is termed today as a bong?

J.C. Dombrowski discovered many smoking pipes in two caves in Ethiopia. These caves dated back to somewhere between 1100 and 1400 CE, so chances are pretty good that you will not be lucky enough to stumble upon one of these rare bongs today. Inherently the word rare when used in the context of bongs only dates back to 1970.

This is the date that the prominent bong surfaced among us, which is why this period was termed the hippy glass blowing movement era. Today, this glass blowing art is in high demand, and rare does not always imply a reference to age. Some of the best bongs for sale today are often looked upon as being almost too beautiful to use.

Thefollowing is a list of some rare varieties of bongs out there for you to enjoy

1. The Bridge Perc

Enjoy the rare design that enables you to enjoy a percolated smoke and water in 360 degrees. If your favourite form of cannabis is flowers, look no further, as you may have found your partner. You will be ensured the top filtration from your dried flower, and you can look forward to the hearty pull and controlled flavours. The low maintenance of these bongs is a positive aspect of one of these pieces.

2. Vintage GRAFFIX Water Pipe

This is a twenty-four-inch glass blown bong is from a company that has been in business for over 30 years. Graffix is the original bong design, and it has a shaped mouthpiece that will comfortably fit one's mouth. The glass down stem enables a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. The convenient ergonomically designed handles are a definite bonus. It’s aesthetically pleasing with a variety of colours to choose from.


3. Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead is another collaboration that has been taken on by Japanese artists. The iconic 11-point lightning bolts are attached to the outside of the bong. The 10-inch piece has been priced in the 200-thousand-dollar range. Those interested in rare and expensive bongs are confident that this piece of glass artwork can be a cannabis smoking device sold for that price.

4. The Fab Egg

This intricate bong will send clouds upon clouds of cannabis vapour through an array of percolators, all of which are encompassed in one egg chamber. 2016 saw a version of this rare bong sell for more than 100,000 at a Seattle steak house.

5. Mothership

The mothership has an elite glass, and it is very distinct from the basic waterpipes produced by this company. These pieces of art incorporate colourful glass that is never replicated. Currently, the company says it has made 150 pieces in the elite line. Every one produced has either maintained their value or increased in value. Each of these glass products is rare within themselves. These pieces of this art have been purchased for 1000 dollars and resold for 80,000 dollars. Each elite glass produced is as unique as it is rare.

Passing thoughts

Bongs and smoke shops will be around for the foreseeable future. If your goal is to see and perhaps purchase an original or ancient method of consuming your weed today, we hope that you enjoy your journey. Bongs are available at a wide range of prices, but the higher end of the price scale does not necessarily indicate that you have found a rare and precious bong. The artists who are developing the blown glass that provides the beautiful pieces are the rare aspect. Sometimes it is the artists' work that is deemed rare, and that is not to be confused with the age of an item purchased at your local smoke shops.

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