5 of the strangest cannabis products on the market today

Published May 4, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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The marijuana plant is an incredibly powerful species, and we’ve perfected many different ways to break down its elements into easy to use products for medicating or getting high. Now that legalization is trending, we see thousands of new ideas hit the market every single day, but some stand apart from the others, in a really weird way.

Here, we are going to talk about five of the strangest oddball cannabis products on the market today, and no, we don’t mean popular options like infused chewing gum, liquor, or highly dosed edibles. Instead, we want to focus on the ones that at first, might not appear to make sense, and explain them in a way that will make you feel confident enough to try them yourself if you ever get the chance.

1. THC tampons

Painful menstrual cramps plague millions of women for most of their lives, and there is very little on the market today that we can take to ease the discomfort without potential adverse effects. Regular pads and tampons are designed to be absorbent, but they don’t do anything to offer relief, and that’s where THC tampons come in. You can make them with no more than some buds, oil, and regular tampons, and though they won’t get you stoned, they will leave you feeling warm and tingly and relaxed while you wait for this short time to pass.

2. Suppositories

You probably never thought you’d hear the words suppository and cannabis strung together, as we tend to think of the marijuana plant as something that is mainly enjoyed through smoking or eating, but the truth is that this species provides far more benefits than you could imagine, and one of them happens to be making it easier to go number two. A THC suppository will not get you stoned, but it can offer a whole different type of relief that you’ll be thankful for when you need it.

3. Transdermal patches

Whenever you want to quit smoking cigarettes, one of the first things that people will often recommend is nicotine patches. They can help to curb the withdrawals without any negative impact on the respiratory system, which makes it so much easier for smokers to quit. Cannabis transdermal patches work on the same premise, by slowly releasing a steady stream of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, so they will get you stoned, which means that you can quit rolling joints and cleaning bongs for good.


4. Cannabis toothpaste

One of the last places you’d probably ever expect to see marijuana plant as the active ingredient is in toothpaste, but alas, some genius came up with this creation and it’s been an incredible hit with consumers, and non-tokers alike. Cannabis-infused toothpaste will not get you stoned, but when it comes with a good dose of CBD, it can work wonders by reducing swelling, inflammation, and bacteria levels in your mouth.

5. Cannadips

If you’ve ever seen or heard about chewing tobacco, then you should know that it is a pretty good comparison for Cannadips. These cannabis-infused pouches come in a tin can, and they include coconut fibers, cannabis, and other delicious ingredients to cover up the taste.

You can place one in your cheek, and let it sit there for a while, and it will slowly release a good flow of THC that will get you very stoned. Unlike chewing tobacco, Cannadips are nicotine free, don’t require gross spitting, and they serve as a pretty fast and reliable method of ingestion that doesn’t pose a risk to your lungs, which is why they are quickly growing in popularity since hitting the scene in 2019.

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