5 Odd CBD products that you'd have to see to believe

Published Jul 2, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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There are currently thousands of different types of cannabis products on the market today, and with each passing year, we see more new and exciting opportunities hit the shelves of dispensaries, but not all of these goods are appealing, and a few of them you wouldn’t have ever thought of if you didn’t see them here today, because many are designed to work on theories that remain only partially confirmed, making them intriguing yet also unpredictable for the consumer.

1. CBD activewear

It makes sense to invest in some high-quality activewear if you work out a lot, or are just an active person in general, as they are comfortable, easy to move in, and help to reduce sweat, but what if we told you that there are some clothing brands who are cashing in on the idea that CBD infused activewear could make the experience even better? That’s right! Apparently, a slow release of the cannabinoid can help to reduce pain and swelling and increase alertness. Though we aren’t sure how accurate these claims really are, this is definitely one of the strangest CBD products that we’ve ever seen!

2. CBD toothpaste

When you buy a regular toothpaste, do you think about what it’s actually doing for you? Are you aiming for a whiter smile or simple cavity protection? Or maybe you just grab whatever's on sale because you’re tired of deciding between brands that are all the same, but now with CBD toothpaste, the game has been elevated with a new powerful component that can do all of the same things that your normal brands do and more. It tastes great, and it can help to reduce inflammation, a perk that every cannabis smoker could benefit from.

3. CBD inhaler

If you want the fast-acting abilities of inhaled cannabinoids without any of the fuss or fancy accessories, then the CBD inhaler might be the ultimate product for you. It releases a precisely measured dose of CBD in every single inhalation, which gives you complete control and predictability if you want to self-medicate. There is no mess, no sensitive syringes or droppers, just one push of a button, and it’s done, which makes it perfect for anyone who isn’t on board with other methods of inhaling CBD.


4. CBD crystals

CBD crystals aka diamonds are a unique granulated cannabis product that you won’t find just anywhere because they take precision, tools, and expertise to create, but if you’re looking for a healthy way to get this powerful cannabinoid into your body through means like edibles, smoking, vaping, capsules, or mixing it straight in with your favourite drinks for an added boost, then CBD crystals are the only way to go, because they are tasteless, scent-free, and 100% pure.

5. CBD suppository

If you’ve yet to find a CBD product that makes you cringe, then look no further because, for most, the idea of a CBD suppository is discomforting, to say the least. The idea is that it will help to loosen up whatever might be causing a blockage, while also reducing tension in the muscles that are required to have a comfortable and pain-free bowel movement, and many consumers are raving about their results, so if you’re having issues in this department, then you might want to pick one up for yourself and try it out.

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