5 Hot Canadian pot products every cannabis lover should try

Published Oct 18, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re bored of the same old herb and edibles and in search of something new, exotic, and exciting to add to the menu, this is the perfect place to start. Canadians have access to some of the very best pot products and brands in the world, with strengths to accommodate any experience level. Whether you’re canna-curious and looking for something to try for your first cannabinoid-fueled session, or an experienced consumer with a tolerance built to withstand anything, this list has something for you.

1. Tweed Penelope Spray

This CBD and THC spray offers the best of both worlds, with a hearty dose of both cannabinoids. Each bottle contains 25mg of THC and 18mg of CBD per bottle, and it’s completely tasteless. With effects that can last several hours long and an intensity that is greater than your average pre-roll, it’s one of the best and most powerful pot products on the Canadian market today.

2. Moonrock’s Meteorock

Moonrocks are typically luxury pot products, but no one does them better than Moonrock Canada. They offer so many varieties to choose from you can find something to suit any mood, and their most fantastic option by far is called the Meteorock, which boasts up to 89% THC. This one is made with 100% organic shatter and either OG Kush or Girl Scout Cookie bud, and it’s oh so delicious and powerful.

3. Heritage Cannabis ‘Radsicles’

Early this summer just in time for the extreme heat to set in, OCS released a line of cannabis freezies called ‘Radsicles’ made by Heritage Cannabis. Anyone in search of an intoxicating twist on a good old-fashioned way to beat the summer temperatures should try these amazing thirst-quenching, Premium 5 brand THC freezies because once summer is over, they likely won’t be stocked again until next year.

4. SYMBL High THC Oil

This THC oil is one of the strongest on the Canadian market, and it comes with a smooth blend of 22mg of THC and 1mg of CBD per milliliter. It’s made using Ontario grown MCT carrier oil that’s pharmaceutical grade, and it’s absolutely flavourless, which means that it can be added to any kind of food or drink without altering the taste, or it can be taken in small shots for an easy to measure individual dose. Unfortunately, SYMBL THC oil isn’t meant for vaping or smoking, still, it’s a great addition to any stoner's kitchen or medicine cabinet.

5. Aurora Dissolve Strips

THC oil is great when you don’t want to commit to any one of many pot products because you can make a lot with it, but breath strips are so much more fun. They’re discreet, easy to take with you anywhere, and each strip comes complete with 5mg of THC for your pleasure, which is around the same amount you’d expect from smoking a whole joint to yourself. With 5 strips in a pack and the quick dissolve feature, plus a great taste, they’re a great option for almost any type of cannabis enthusiast.

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