5 Common problems with most cannabis drinks on the market today

Published Nov 20, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis-infused drinks can be a blessing, delivering a dose of cannabinoids in a way that isn’t bad for your health like smoking, but they aren’t exactly perfect either. Despite plenty of anticipation surrounding the release of edibles and cannabis beverages, most brands that have hit the Canadian marketplace so far leave much to be desired.

Here, we’ll cover five of the most common complaints by consumers, along with a brief explanation as to why we’re facing each of these issues, even though we have the technology and knowledge required to solve them.

1. Taste

Most cannabis drinks on the market today taste nothing like what you might expect from a refreshing soda or an infused glass of juice. Normally when we enjoy these drinks, it’s for the delicious flavour they have to offer, but when it comes to cannabis beverages, a good taste is really hard to find. This is because most brands use distillate and other extracts that boast a harsh, green or acidic flavour. After all, they’re cheaper to work with.

Sadly, the consumer pays the ultimate price when they can’t finish something they paid for.

2. Inconsistency

One of the main reasons enthusiasts love the idea of cannabis drinks and edibles so much is that they’re supposed to deliver a precise measurable dose of cannabinoids in each and every sip but due to the nature of the main ingredients used to infuse these liquids, that’s often not the case. Without a vigorous shake, users might not get any cannabis component in the first several sips, while receiving all of it in the last few, and that’s a problem for those who want to portion their dose according to specific needs.

Without even consistent dosing, it’s hard to gauge how much you’ve taken, and how it makes you feel until the last few drops are gone.

3. Highly processed ingredients


Cannabis beverages are often touted as a healthier alternative to smoking or vaping, but are they really if the makers put so much processed sugar and ingredients laden with chemicals, that the end result might actually be worse for you, than simply smoking a joint?

Those most excited about cannabis drinks are health-focused individuals, and the majority of cannabis drinks on the marketplace today do not seem to take that into consideration.

4. The absence of other cannabis elements

Even when uneven consistency, highly processed ingredients and a terrible taste are all overcome, very few brands focus on ensuring the preservation of elements beyond THC or CBD, which means that hardly any other of the lesser present cannabinoids like CBN or CBG, or terpenes are put into these products. Sometimes, it’s those elements that provide the experience consumers seek, and without them, the effects may feel empty, weak, and ineffective.

5. A lack of love

At the end of the day, most of the problems we’ve mentioned here today from the bad taste, to even dosing, highly processed unhealthy ingredients, and the absence of other cannabis elements are only issues because it costs more money to do this thing right. Most brands are perfectly capable of churning out products that will truly benefit consumers in all the ways they hope for, they just don’t because then they wouldn’t make as much money.

It seems that the creation of satisfying cannabis-infused drinks is a labour of love, and not all brands are cut out for the sacrifice it takes to make this magic happen.

Cannabis beverages offer a familiar bridge for new consumers


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