5 Amazing cannabis concentrate brands

Published Apr 14, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis concentrates have come a long way from the old school BHO and pressed hash that once ruled the black market, evolving at an epic rate that can make it hard to keep up. The high demand for potent options is slowly but surely being met by some of the most incredible cannabis companies out there, and here, we’re going to highlight five of the best, most potent ones we could find.

1. Strawnana Mochi Flan

Made by: Synergy X Blue River Terps

Cost: $165 per gram

Strawnana Mochi Flan is live rosin, which means that it’s made by freezing fresh buds rather than drying and curing them first, which preserves terpenes that would have otherwise been destroyed using a more traditional method. This is what gives the flan its powerful aroma that is trapped within the thick white custard-like concentrate. Strawnana Mochi Flan is super putrefied, resulting in a delicious high-end cannabis extract that is labor-intensive but smooth like silk going down.

2. Live Resin Caviar

Made by: Premium 5

Cost: $80 per gram

Live Resin Caviar is an especially strong cannabis extract with an impressive 55% THC. With an almost shiny gold exterior and a rare 4%-10% terpene content, it truly is a unique experience for connoisseurs in particular. The thick aromas of this live resin include lemon and berry for a sweet and sour twist that will keep you coming back for more. As far as frozen solventless extracts go, Live Resin Caviar, created by Premium 5, is definitely one of the greats.

3. THC-A Diamond Chips

Made by: Santa Muerte Extracts

Cost: $100 per gram

THC-A Diamond Chips are giant THC diamonds aka crystals or isolate, a granule-like cannabis concentrate that is as pure as it gets. These literal and metaphorical gems are priced high due to the lengthy process required to make even the smallest amounts, but the labor-intensive method is more than worth it. Though they are tasteless, THC diamonds can be combined with literally any other concentrate to maximize potency or quickly whipped into edibles with precision. THC-A Diamond Chips are versatile and in high demand but still incredibly hard to find on the legal market.

4. Greybeard Terp slush Live Resin

Made by: SLK

Cost: $69.99 per gram

SLK’s Greybeard Terp slush Live Resin is a unique version of the increasingly popular high terpene full spectrum extract made using flash-frozen cannabinoids and terpenes right before they are harvested using a hydrocarbon process that is known for providing clean, colorful, and distinctly aromatic cannabis concentrates. With between 17% and 22% THC, it might not sound intimidating, but don’t let that fool you because this live resin comes in and washes over you like a hurricane.

5. MB15 Live Hash Rosin

Made by: High Life Farms

Cost: $80 per gram

MB15 Live Hash Rosin was one of the first higher-class solventless cannabis extracts to hit the legal scene, and it’s been getting rave reviews ever since. Its maker, High Life Farms, is dedicated to producing only the highest quality cannabis products, and it really shows. Between the fruit-bursting flavors that leave the mouth-watering and its thick chemical-free consistency, you just can’t go wrong. You might have had live rosin in the past, but you haven't had the best until you’ve tried MB15.

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