4 of the newest and best rated Pax vape pens

Published Apr 12, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET

Pax vape pens are one of the world's most popular lines of handheld vaporizers. They have definitely become a trend in vaping. Though the company has always managed to maintain an elegant and classic look and feel, there have been some dramatic changes to the various models that have been released over the past few years. If you currently have a Pax model that you love but are considering the possibility of an upgrade than you have found the perfect place to compare the functionality of each device. For those who are brand new to the market, prepare to be impressed with user friendly designs and incredibly durable warranty that is sure to provide the experience you are after. Welcome to the five most recent Pax models and what can be expected with the purchase of each of them.

1. Pax 2

Cost: $199.99

The Pax 2 had some large shoes to fill, and its designers spared no expense in introducing a high-quality Pax vape that went a few steps beyond the original model. This one takes less than a minute to begin producing vapor and comes equipped with four different heat settings to evenly vape the dry herb that’s held within. It’s easy to use with a one push button start up and an incredibly efficient battery life with one 30-minute charge lasting for up to 12 hours of continuous use. This model is backed by a two-year warranty and makes for a perfect starter vaporizer for on the go. The starter kit will come with one charger, one instruction manual, and one Pax 2 pen.

2. Pax 3

Cost: $319.99

The Pax 3is designed to be a dual use vaporizer which means that concentrates and dry marijuana can both be used with it. The device does sell alone for $60 less, but the complete kit is well worth the cost, and it includes 1 multi-tool, 1 oven lid, 1 Pax 3 vape, 1 concentrate adapter, 1 USB charger, 1 brick, and 1 pack of three additional replacement screens. The Pax 3 is fun to personalize with four different low-key colors to choose from, and its functionality it at the top of its game with a lightning fast 22 second heat up, more than 60 heat settings, Bluetooth capability, and its own mobile app which can control everything with one touch. This vape pen will last for 10 hours per charge and comes backed with one of the most substantial warranties you will ever find among vaporizers that lasts for 10 years and covers all parts of the Pax 3 vape.

3. Pax Era


Cost: $518.99

The Pax era is the company's newest release and has taken the market by storm, with vendors and even the vape’s official website showing no stock available for purchase. The reason this particular version has connected so well with the public is thought to be attributed to the technological advancements that were implemented in its design. The Pax Era is Bluetooth and wireless controlled using any type of smartphone with a touch of a button. The app will allow for you to adjust between more than 100 different temperature settings, set personal preferences for consumption control with a unique Session Control feature, and obtain new and updated software and firmware updates for your device. This starter kit comes with 1 USB charger, 1 brick, 1 Pax Era vape, and due to its incredibly recent release, is only offering a limited one-year warranty. The flawlessness of the exchange between products is amazing, and the experience of using a Pax Era is one that has won the hearts of thousands who refer to the device as delivering a new age experience that mixes perfectly with technology.

4. Pax Ploom

Cost: $89.95

Another relatively new model from Ploom was released for a more affordable option that offers the same quality of other Pax vapes. Its pocket sized, equipped with a motion inhale triggered sensor, and rechargeable offering a power that lasts a total of two full hours of use. This one was designed more for beginners with only three predetermined heat settings that are meant to provide the ideal heat for vaporizing dry cannabis while also preserving the flavor and aroma of the plant materials. It’s a bit bulkier than other designs with a dock to recharge the battery, but the cost savings make the Pax Ploom an ideal option for anyone looking for an affordable and simple vape that works just as hard as any other models for a mere fraction of the price. With four colors to choose from this great starter pen is perfect for any budget.  

How to avoid buying a fake Pax vape

Unfortunately, there are quite a few competitors out there who have started to make new look alike products that are either designed or named similar to Pax vapes in order to appeal to customers. If your Pax vaporizer does not come inside of its original packaging or sports a name that includes Pax either following or before another word than chances are it might be a fake. To buy the very best quality vaporizer, you should always purchase a vaporizer through either a head shop that you trust or the company website to buy directly from the manufacturer.



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