20 ideal cannabis strains for growing indoors

Published Dec 5, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Now that the colder weather is here, it’s far too late to start cannabis plants outdoors, but it is the perfect time to get all set up for growing cannabis indoors. You’ll have to take into account things like light, soil, and nutrients, but few realize that there are other things to consider that have more to do with the strain that you ultimately choose because many of the most popular types of weed aren’t suited for an indoor environment.

What makes a strain great for indoor cultivation?

You might be wondering what we mean, after all, in the end, you’ll probably just be happy to get some free cannabis out of the deal, but the reality is that the space inside your home is very different than what you’d have available outside in nature, and it’s limited in what it has to offer. Hence the reason it is so important to look for these 4 qualities in a cannabis strain that you want to grow indoors.

1. Size matters

When you’re growing marijuana inside, even if you have a whole room to dedicate to the process, you’ll be limited in the size that you’ll want them to be so that you can move them around and have enough space to breathe. That is why it’s best to stick with cannabis strains that stay around 4 feet tall while staying relatively narrow, a feature that is most common among Indica strains.

2. Bushiness

Since you’re going to need to keep your cannabis plants small through either natural selection or trimming, you’ll also want to search for a strain that is known for producing small bushy clusters of buds close to the stem. This is yet another characteristic that is common among Indica’s, but some Sativa strains and hybrids can accommodate this need too.

3. The ability to thrive at normal temperatures that you’d find in a home


The cultivation of cannabis is known to require high temperatures and humidity levels, two things that we tend to avoid in the high tech homes of today that come well equipped with central air and heat that dries out the air. Though technically, all species of cannabis are tropical, preferring warmer weather, some are far better than others at holding up to a drier and slightly cooler atmosphere.

4. Less smell

Whether or not you share walls with neighbors might determine if this is a pressing issue for you, but no one wants to have the wrong person show up with a house that wreaks like fresh growing weed. Of course, cannabis enthusiasts often enjoy the natural smells of the plant, when you’re trapped inside with it 24-7, you might appreciate something with a bit less of a potent stink to it.

The best strains for growing cannabis indoors

Now that you know what it takes for a strain to be considered compatible with growing indoors, we’re going to highlight 20 incredible and popular strains that offer all of those qualities and more.

  1. Power Plant
  2. Casey Jones
  3. Super Silver Haze
  4. Royal Dwarf
  5. Northern Lights
  6. Green Crack
  7. Blue Cheese
  8. Quick One
  9. Big Bang
  10. Stardust
  11. Durban Poison
  12. LA Chocolate
  13. Easy Bud
  14. Lemon Skunk
  15. Critical Kush
  16. Super Bud
  17. Amnesia Haze
  18. Sour Diesel
  19. White Dwarf
  20. Red Dragon
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