10 Things to look for if you want the best quality disposable vapes

Published Apr 9, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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It’s a great time to be a cannabis enthusiast in a legal country or state, as there are thousands of brand-new pot products hitting dispensary shelves. The amount of growth we’ve witnessed, especially in cannabis extracts and edibles, is astounding, increasing accessibility every step of the way. Now that more people have the choice, we’re seeing that consumers still find convenience to be of importance, which could be at least partially behind the spike in demand for things like pre-rolls and disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes offer a neat, convenient little package that requires no skill or preparation to use, and though they tend to provide less in terms of quantity, most who enjoy them feel that they are an affordable and health-conscious option. With minimal investment, you can grab a few vapes and partake in the magic of cannabis concentrates, which makes the idea enticing, but it only works out in the end if you choose the right ones.

If you’re on the market for disposable vapes and not quite sure where to start, then this is the perfect list for you because it can help to give you base standards with which to judge each one by. They all look the same, and for the most part, promise the same things, and that can get confusing, but they are not all made equal. If you want the very best vapes that will be the most likely to give you the most divine vaping experience, then these are some of the things that you should be on the lookout for.

1. Airtight tamper-resistant packaging

This one is more of a safety thing than a quality one, but it’s just as important nonetheless as the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Tamper-resistant packaging makes it so that the customer is guaranteed to receive a disposable vape that hasn’t been altered in any way. Even some legal dispensaries have been found to sell homemade knockoffs using convincing labels, and one of the only ways to know for certain whether or not you've got the real deal is to check for this feature.

2. Pure concentrates

Disposable vapes can be filled with almost any type of cannabis extract you can think of, but in many cases, the cartridge contains a liquid THC oil that isn’t pure. Some don’t mind this addition, as it helps to water down the strength, but if you want the healthiest or most potent option, then you’re going to be much better off going with one that’s filled with a pure cannabis concentrate like shatter, or honey oil.

3. No fake flavors

When you’re inhaling something into the depths of your lungs, it’s always safest to assume that a disposable vape with fewer additives is better for your health. Some studies have raised concern surrounding the potential for flavorings often used in vapes, many of which we know are carcinogenic after being exposed to the appropriate temperatures. Choose an incredible natural flavor instead, based on terpenes instead of chemical-laden additions, and you’ll be glad that you did.

4. A reliable brand name

There is no way to guarantee that you’ll love your new disposable vape even if you do stick with the most trusted brands, as each person’s experience differs. However, reliable cannabis brands offer things like a long history of happy customers, and experience which has helped them to perfect what they do. So, while you might find the occasional goodie that’s unrecognizable, trusted brands are far more likely to impress, and they tend to back up their products when something goes wrong.

5. Full spectrum

Sometimes disposable vapes aren’t exactly clear about what’s inside, and it can be hard to tell by eye, which is why it can help to look for options that are full spectrum. This means that they will contain all of the goodness you know and love from the plant rather than a purified concoction that only includes THC or CBD, which would be tasteless and far less effective for the average user.

6. The ideal cannabinoids

Most disposable vapes offer a hearty dose of either THC or CBD. Only a few take the time and care to combine the power of both cannabinoids in just the right amounts, and fewer go further to use lesser-known elements. To start, the ideal balance of cannabinoids for a recreational consumer is a low to moderate THC combined with a fair amount of CBD to offset the negative effects like hunger and sedation. Of course, you might find that something different works for you, but these numbers are more than worth some extra attention when you’re shopping for vapes.

7. A charging port

Disposable vapes are made to use and then toss away, that’s the whole reason for the appeal, but the ability to charge one of these devices can be really useful, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t vape often. Typically, they’re designed to include a battery with a charge that should last until the tank is empty, but occasional consumers might only want a few puffs here and there, which could stretch the product over days, weeks, or even months. In that time, most disposable batteries will be dead, empty or not, and no one wants to have to waste any, a situation that a charging port can help you to avoid.

8. Puff count

Most disposable vapes will offer somewhere around 400 puffs per device, an estimate based on short burst inhalations, so there is some room for error. If you draw longer, you’ll get less out of a cart, but you should be able to expect an average of 400 puffs per vape. Of course, not every company is clear about this, so you might not know until after you’ve bought one, but it’s good to know that if the one you choose doesn’t live up to this expectation, that it’s probably not a brand worth staying loyal to.

9. Automatic operation

Disposable vapes, like any other type, will work one of two ways, either with the manual press of a button, or the device will be triggered with the power of your lungs when you inhale through it. Some prefer the button, as it gives the feel of more control, but this feature comes with a couple of problems, like the fact that they’re easy to overheat, and then there’s how easily they can be triggered by a slight bit of pressure which would be expected each time you pop it into a pocket or bag. This can drain the battery and waste everything in it, which is why we highly recommend automatic options instead.

10. Great reviews

Some of the biggest and most successful disposable vape brands don’t necessarily impress the majority of cannabis consumers. They’ve just made their products available and marketed them well enough to sell. If you want the real truth, the only way to get it is through honest reviews from other consumers who are just like you. So next time you’re out shopping, whip out that phone and see what people are really saying about your local vape brands. You might be surprised by how much you can learn and save this way.

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