10 reasons why you will love creating brand new weed strains

Published Mar 2, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET

There are so many things that you can do with cannabis but creating new and exciting weed strains is something that many consumers and growers don’t feel confident enough to try. That leaves all of the future weed strains to be designed by specialists in a lab, and while we won’t know the precision that a lab and experience can offer, we do want to let you know what you’re missing out on by choosing not to take a leap and try something new.

1. Dispensaries offer a limited selection

Most dispensaries carry a variety of weed strains, but what they have on hand is relatively standard for its region, particularly in areas like Canada where all cannabis products intended for sale must come from licensed, tested, and regulated producers. Unfortunately, for our producers to experiment with and cultivate new weed strains, they will need room to do so, which leaves a handful of generic names that are most widely grown and processed.

Though most cannabis cultivators have the consumers in mind and are trying to make us happy by releasing fantastic products to keep us coming back, they are incredibly limited by the number of weed strains that they can create, or even grow at any one time. So, if you want a real, true selection, one of the best ways to do so is to grow and create your own weed strains to suit your needs.

2. It’s fun

Some people assume that all cannabis plants are alike, and in some ways, that is true, as they all carry Cannabis Sativa lineage, however, the qualities that they can display are vast which is why we have weed strains that can taste and smell like skunk, while also enjoying more pungent versions that boast a skunk aroma. Mixing your favorite flavors can be a really fun experience, and you are never quite sure what it will bring until you try it.

3. It’s educational

Growing cannabis plants is a relatively easy task, and so is crossbreeding, but the latter takes a few extra steps that a lot of consumers don’t even know about. Things like harvesting the pollen from one plant that carries hopeful qualities are enough to inspire a closer connection with the anatomy and biology of a cannabis plant, and there is no better way to learn this than this kind of hands-on approach that is necessary to create brand-new weed strains.

4. Some of the best weed strains in the world were created by mistake

Most consumers have no idea where all of these fancy high profile weed strains came from, but the truth is that pretty much all of what you see today is thanks to an extensive history of black market growers who perfected the art of growing and crossbreeding. However, not all of them started out with the experience necessary to get things right the first time, and sometimes something as simple as ending up with two different types of seeds can be enough to spawn a whole new variety.

That’s right, most of those weed strains that you know and love so much were accidental creations that likely happened in a black market grower’s basement years ago, and there is no reason that you can’t or shouldn’t try some of this madness out for yourself. After all, you never know, you could create the next big and most popular cannabis strain to ever hit the market.

5. It’s not expensive

Crossbreeding and creating can be intimidating words that bring to mind visions of the perfect grow space complete with tents, lights, nutrients, fertilizers, and more, but it’s actually not all that difficult to create brand-new weed strains, and it doesn’t take much for tools to get the job done. All you really need is a healthy mother plant, a male plant with appeasing qualities, and a small plastic baggie to gather the pollen, and if you can find a few seeds from a friend, then the whole thing can be done for free.

6. It doesn’t require extensive experience


One of the biggest reasons that so few growers and consumers try their hand at creating new weed strains is that they lack enough experience to feel confident with the process. Now, that makes sense, as there are a few things you will want to know before you get started, but it’s all just a giant science experiment. There is literally no right or wrong way to do it, and especially as a beginner, there is no better way to find out what works than to put your gut instincts to the test.

7. You could win awards

If you are successful, you could win awards that come paired with substantial winnings along with your name going down in history. To be remembered fondly every time someone wants to try or learn about your weed strains is a privilege, and it’s one that you could get in on by giving this thing a shot. You may end up with award-winning weed that lines dispensary shelves near you, or it could be bunk, but you will never know until you at least try.

Aside from the famous Cannabis Cup, there is ample opportunity out there for beginner growers to compete and learn from one another, and the only way to get there is by coming up with something truly unique, which is often done best by those with the least experience, so give it a shot, and you could find your name on a world-famous award in no time.

8. A one of a kind experience

Have you ever browsed through your local dispensaries menus only to find the same old thing time and time again? Are you tired of the same sensations, experiences, and flavors that are out there? If you want to feel the same thing everyone else does, then, by all means, enjoy the already created weed strains that you can find, but if you want a truly unique experience, then you need to get your hands dirty and cross weed strains that will hopefully give you everything that you want and more.

9. It’s something to keep you busy

Looking for something to do to kill a bad case of the winter blues? Or maybe, you’re just bored with the other forms of entertainment you have tried. Either way, growing and creating new weed strains is a process that can take several months to complete, which makes it a great way to kill some time while staying out of trouble.

10. If you fail, it’s not a big deal

Even if you go through all of the time and energy needed to pull this off, only to find out that you’ve created weed strains that don’t quite live up to your expectations, that’s ok. You will have plenty of fun and excitement throughout the process, it should cost you next to nothing to do, you will learn a great deal along the way, and no matter what, your marijuana buds will likely be smokable.

So there really aren’t any losses here, even when crossbreeding doesn't turn out exactly how you had hoped. By this point, you should have a better idea of where you might have gone wrong, and you’ll be able to apply that experience and knowledge to the next great attempt for a much better chance of success in the future.

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