10 Reasons to love Twisted hemp wraps

Published Oct 1, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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There are so many wonderful brands on the market today, but if you’re looking for the very best hemp wraps out there, then we highly recommend checking out Twisted. Twisted hemp wraps are designed to deliver the ultimate user experience, and here we’re going to let you in on why that is.

1. Slow burning

Twisted offers the most amazing slow burn without putting the whole thing out. No need to relight these babies and they last for what feels like an eternity, which is great for personal use and sharing at parties.

2. Easy to work with

Twisted hemp wraps seem to include just the right amount of moisture every time which is why they deliver such a smooth and slow burn, and that feature also makes them so much softer and easier to work with. Because of this, they’re also a lot less likely to rip, which is great!

3. Vegan friendly

Twisted wraps are made using 100% vegan-friendly ingredients so that everyone, no matter what their belief in meat products, can enjoy a big, fat blunt.

4. The smell

Twisted offers a massive selection of pure and flavoured options to choose from, using all-natural ingredients that smell absolutely incredible!

5. Organic

Twisted hemp wraps are made using plant materials that are grown 100% organically so that consumers don’t have to worry about inhaling chemicals that might have an adverse impact on their health.

6. They stick well

“Hemp wraps won’t stick” is such a common problem that the answer is searched more than 20,000 times each month in America alone, but Twistedwraps don’t seem to have that problem at all. They come equipped with one of the stickiest glue strips, and once affixed, they won’t move for anything, which means no more unwrapping halfway through toking!


7. A smooth hit (No tobacco)

The best hemp wraps are always those that don’t include the harsh addition of tobacco. Instead, Twisted uses 100% hemp to deliver a smooth, clean hit every single time.

8. The options

There are so many different types of Twisted hemp wraps out there that it’s impossible not to fall in love with the sheer size of this brand's menu. Anyone can find something they love, and with such gentle flavors, it’s not likely to take long to find one that works for you.

9. More in a pack

Most hemp wraps come in packs of 1 or 2, but that’s not the case here! Twisted hemp wraps, on the other hand, give you 4 papers to work with, so they’ll last through more than one session, which is great for frequent consumers.

10. Affordability

You’ll find hemp wraps range anywhere from a couple of dollars to several per sheet, and that’s a huge difference! Not everyone can afford to spend so much money just to spend it all up in smoke, and Twisted knows it, which is why all of this brand’s wraps are super affordable.

Want to learn more about how to use hemp wraps?

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