10 Qualities you’ll want in a dab rig

Published Aug 17, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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With so many innovative, creative and unique dab rigs to sift through, it’s hard to pick just one. Finding the best dab rig to suit your individual needs is an essential part of the experience and narrowing down the options available with these ten characteristics is an excellent place to start.

1. Small mouthpiece

Flower enthusiasts often reach for the widest mouthpiece possible, but with vapour, the additional room does nothing but reduce potency. So if you’re on the market for a dab rig, and want effective delivery, then it’s better to buy one that comes with a smaller mouthpiece.

2. Fewer bends and chambers

A good smoke show is nice to watch, but as the vapours travel throughout your dab rig, they will leave behind some residue, and you’ll eventually have to clean it. The more twists and turns inside, the harder it will be to thoroughly scrub it clean between uses, and for that reason, it’s better to steer clear of complicated designs, and bendy chambers.

3. Water

Not all dab rigs offer filtration in the way of water, but most agree that it’s necessary, especially when you’re dealing with hot vapours. The addition might not be necessary in order for the device to function. Still, you’ll be happier with one that does, because they simply offer a better-quality experience.

4. Compact size

Even if you’re a pro taking massive hits, there’s no real need for a large dab rig because there is always a constant flow of vapour, and it’s impossible to run out of room. Smaller rigs just condense each hit, so that you can take it all in much smaller puffs.

5. 2 or 4-hole percolator

Too much percolation isn’t the best for concentrates, as it tends to make hits harsher. Instead, opting for 2 or 4-hole percolators are recommended, for the smoothest setup, because they won’t stir up the water too much.

6. Male nail

Female nails are notorious for dropping globs of concentrate onto the outside of the joint, which gets them stuck to the glass, and that can lead to a break as you struggle to remove it for cleaning. Ideally, male nails are preferred, or if you have no issue with the extra expense, titanium alternatives work.

7. 10-millimeter joint size

If you’re going with a smaller rig that boasts a petite mouthpiece, then it only makes sense to choose the best joint for the job and there are 3 main options to choose from including 10,14 and 18mm. Wherever possible, we highly recommend settling on a rig with a 10mm joint, because it offers more restriction.

8. Quartz bucket

Technically, buckets don’t normally come with your run-of-the-mill dab rigs, but they’re an excellent investment, especially for those who dab frequently. They deliver the most flavour as they are far more effective in maintaining the fragile terpenes that boast those delectable tastes you know and love.

9. Borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass is the strongest, more durable material for dab rigs, and though it is often a bit more expensive than others, it will outlast all the rest, and hold up to minor bumps and scrapes. However, if you’re not a fan of breakable pieces, or if you want to take this device on the go then the next best thing is silicone which is unbreakable.

10. Functionality

Are you the kind of person who consumes cannabis concentrates and could truly benefit from having one or more dab rigs? Or do you prefer flower more often than not? In which case, adding another piece to just sit on a shelf might not be the best solution. Those who enjoy a wide range of cannabis products might be better off investing in dab rig attachments that will turn any bong into a temporary dab station.

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