10 of the most vibrant cannabis strains in the world

Published Aug 17, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis enthusiasts and master growers have been cultivating thousands of different types of weed over the years, and some of the results are absolutely fascinating. Even those who don’t particularly enjoy a buzz from marijuana can appreciate the natural beauty and color that can be found across the species genetic lines. Though the average weed strains provide generic-looking buds that are typically green, every color from the rainbow can be found across the different types of weed, if you look hard enough.

Here we’ve listed 10 incredible weed strains including an explanation of how they came to be through lineage. We’ve also answered the age-old debate of Indica vs Sativa because in this department there seems to be a rather common theme across the brightest and most vibrant cannabis plant genetics, and it probably isn’t what you think that it is. So, if you’re ready to get started on a journey into the depths of some of the most exotic and enticing marijuana strains in the world, then you’ll definitely want to see some of these for yourself.

1. Black Russian

Type: Indica

Parent strains: Black Domina & White Russian

Aroma: Citrus, sweet and skunk

Color: Purple and black

2. Rainbow Kush

Type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Blueberry & Dancehall

Aroma: sweet, citrus and tropical

Color: Red, blue, green and purple

3. Black Poison

Type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Colombian Black & Mozambique

Aroma: Earthy, pine and skunk

Color: Black

4. Fruity Pebbles

Type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Green Ribbon & Grandaddy Purple & Tahoe Alien

Aroma: Berry, tropical and sweet

Color: Red, yellow, green, purple and blue

5. Purpleberry Kush

Type: Indica

Parent strains: Blueberry & Granddaddy Purple

Aroma: nutty, grape and blueberry

Color: Purple

6. Panama Red


Type: Sativa

Parent strains: Central American

Aroma: Spicy/herbal, blueberry and woody

Color: Red

7. Orange Crush

Type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Blueberry & California Orange

Aroma: Orange, sweet and citrus

Color: Orange and yellow

8. Black Beauty

Type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Unknown

Aroma: Pineapple, skunk and earthy

Color: Purple and red

9. Acapulco Gold

Type: Sativa

Parent strains: Original strain

Aroma: Earthy, sweet and woody

Color: yellow and gold

10. Pinkman Goo

Type: Indica

Parent strains: Unknown

Aroma: Sweet, earthy and mint

Color: Pink, purple and green

Fun marijuana facts - Indica vs Sativa, which one is more colorful?

No matter what the effects or characteristics are, one question always remains the same, and that is, which one is better? Indica or Sativa? Though the two types of weed seem to have kept up to each other relatively well, in most departments, the fanciest, brightest and most vibrant marijuana strains are the result of careful selection and crossbreeding. Hence the reason why so many of the world’s most popular strains are some version of hybrid, with a lineage that originated in some of the hottest and most humid climates around the globe. These extended periods of heat and sun exposure are believed to have a significant impact on the shade and how vibrant the color of the buds on marijuana plants are.

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