10 Marijuana strains that’ll get you so high that even the worst movies will seem entertaining

Published Jun 3, 2019 11:14 a.m. ET
Credit: LeMusique

Cannabis is an incredibly powerful plant that can provide a broad range of different effects depending on the strain. Smoking marijuana can be an energizing and uplifting experience or might leave you in a couch lock that feels impossible to escape. Precisely how the effects of weed might feel for you, will depend on several things, including your tolerance levels, the amount consumed, and the cannabinoid content of the marijuana strains chosen.

This is exactly why your friend can smoke some fresh new herb, and it makes them feel great, while you might hardly feel any effects at all. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to predict for certain how you will feel after smoking marijuana, but you can use guidelines set out by decades of cannabis consumers experimentation, as well as scientific evidence. Since all marijuana strains will carry their cannabinoid and terpene profiles, you can use those measurements to predict how the effects of weed might feel to you.

One wildly popular stoner fueled past time is throwing on an old movie to laugh at. Though we can’t guarantee that smoking marijuana will automatically make a movie hilarious or entertaining, we can promise that the time spent in front of the big screen will be thoroughly enjoyed. The idea that marijuana strains can enhance any entertainment-based experience stems from the plant’s ability to manipulate time, alter perceptions, and induce certain moods and traits. One of the stereotypical side effects of weed is an uncontrollable bout of laughter, and though it might not always be a flattering implication, it’s true that some marijuana strains can produce this type of effect.

It’s all about getting out of your body and mind and letting go while taking in a moving picture that can go from dull and boring to hilarious and rather enjoyable. Some more serious flicks might pair better with a sedative strain that will allow you to concentrate and stay serious, most bad movies are generally made better will a belly full of laughter. If you are looking for marijuana strains that are known for this unique characteristic, then check out these ten cannabis strains that are known for inducing fits of giggles.

1. OG Kush
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 19%
Terpene profile: Pine, earthy, and woody.
Effects: Relaxed, hungry, happy, euphoric, and uplifted.

2. Sweet Diesel
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 19%
Terpene profile: Diesel, earthy, and sweet.
Effects: Happy, euphoric, giggly, creative, and energetic.

3. Blue Diesel
Type: indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 15%
Terpene profile: Earthy, diesel, and berry.
Effects: Euphoric, relaxed, happy, uplifted, and giggly.

4. Laughing Buddha
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 18%
Terpene profile: Earthy, spicy, and pungent.
Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, uplifted, creative, and giggly.


5. Pineapple Kush
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 18%
Terpene profile: Citrus, pineapple, and earthy.
Effects: Happy, uplifted, talkative, relaxed, and giggly.

6. Black Diamond
Type: Indica
THC content: 24%
Terpene profile: Pungent, earthy, and sweet.
Effects: Tingly, relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, and happy.

7. Mango Kush
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 16%
Terpene profile: Mango, sweet, tropical.
Effects: Relaxed, talkative, euphoric, uplifted, and giggly.

8. Euphoria
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 9%
Terpene profile: Earthy, woody, and sweet.
Effects: Euphoric, energetic, uplifted, happy, and talkative.

9. Church OG
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 19%
Terpene profile: Butter, earthy, and skunky.
Effects: Relaxed, hungry, sleepy, happy, and giggly.

10. Kali Dog
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 18%
Terpene profile: Woody, sweet, and earthy.
Effects: Happy, euphoric, energetic, relaxed, and uplifted.



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