10 Great carb caps that are perfect for hash oil

Published Jul 23, 2019 11:22 a.m. ET
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When it comes to dabbing, the accessory choices available can be a bit overwhelming, especially for anyone who is less than experienced with dab rigs. Whether you are shopping for quartz bangers, carb caps or a base, it is important to select one that can supply you with the smoothest experience. Here, we will focus on some of the benefits and purposes of using a carb cap as well as a list of ten carb caps that are perfect for thinner marijuana concentrates like hash oil.

What is a carb cap?

A carb cap acts as a lid for glass, quartz bangers or dab nails. The purpose of a carb cap is to contain both the vapor and the heat so that it is easier to enjoy dabbing at lower temperatures. Directional carb caps will also help to direct the airflow through a dab rig, which can help to get the most benefits from dabbing.

How to use a carb cap

Using a carb cap is a relatively straightforward process, and to help, we have divided each motion into easy to follow steps below:

  1. Heat the nail using a torch.
  2. Apply a small amount of cannabis concentrate on to the nail.
  3. Cover the nail with the carb cap and enhance the effects with spinning in circular motions to improve airflow, as you inhale the vapor.

10 Fantastic carb caps

Which is the best carb cap? Well this will depend on your own personal preferences, and if you were to ask around, the answer would vary dramatically from one person to the next. Some people care about getting the job done on a budget, while others are looking for higher quality or a more enhanced design. In a pinch. A carb cap is not necessary for dabbing, but if you would like to preserve the terpenes which provide a depth of both flavors and smell, then you will need to invest in one at some point.

To help in making this decision, we have compiled a list of 10 tried and tested carb caps for dabbing, that we can guarantee will work like a charm:

1. Martian UFO UV reactive carb cap by Empire Glassworks

Cost: $39.99
• UV reactive (glows in the dark)
• directional airflow
• alien decoration

Where to purchase: https://dankgeek.com/collections/dab-nails-carb-caps-tools-dankgeek/products/empire-glassworks-martian-ufo-uv-reactive-carb-cap

2. Cyclone Spinner carb cap by Tokers Supply

Cost: $24.99
• cyclone design
• spinning
• flat top
• aesthetically pleasing

Where to purchase: https://www.tokersupply.com/collections/titanium-ceramic-quartz-nails-and-dabber-tools/products/cyclone-flat-top-cab-cap

3. Mini Rig carb cap by Encore

Cost: $20
• mini compact design
• directional airflow
• shaped like micro dabbing rigs
• 5 colors of accent to choose from

Where to purchase: https://dankgeek.com/collections/dab-nails-carb-caps-tools-dankgeek/products/encore-mini-rig-carb-cap-w-diectional-air-flow

4. Titanium Clock carb cap & dabber

Cost: $21
• directional airflow
• metal dabber
• dual purpose
• 6 colors to choose from

Where to purchase: https://retrorelics.ca/product/titanium-clock-carb-cap-and-dabber

5. Mushroom carb caps by Dank Gals

Cost: $25


• 6 colors to choose from
• Mario mushroom design
• directional airflow

Where to purchase: https://dankgeek.com/collections/dab-nails-carb-caps-tools-dankgeek/products/dankgals-mushroom-carb-caps

6. WigWag carb cap by Mooks Glass

Cost: $65
• includes an 8-color design
• hand blown
• directional airflow

Where to purchase: https://retrorelics.ca/product/mooks-glass-directional-flow-car-cap-wig-wag-small

7. Honey and bees carb cap by Empire Glassworks

Cost: $29.99
• miniature buzzing bee decorations
• yellow color accent
• directional airflow

Where to purchase: https://dankgeek.com/collections/dab-nails-carb-caps-tools-dankgeek/products/empire-glassworks-shrimp-carb-cap-1

8. Puddle Pusher carb cap by Swerve Glass

Cost: $50
• spinning
• directional airflow
• translucent

Where to purchase: *https://www.badassglass.com/collections/carb-caps/products/pudle-pusher-directional-airflow-carb-cap-by-swerve-glass *

9. Pineapple carb cap by Empire Glassworks

Cost: $29.99
• direct airflow
• yellow accent color
• mini pineapple decoration

Where to purchase: https://dankgeek.com/collections/dab-nails-carb-caps-tools-dankgeek/products/empire-glassworks-pineapple-carb-cap

10. Anodized Titanium carb cap by Dab Logic

Cost: $49.99
• directional airflow
• anodized finish
• 3 metallic color options

Where to purchase: https://www.badassglass.com/products/anodized-titanium-carb-cap-by-dab-logic™

Dab carb caps explained


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