10 weed strains effective at increasing your sex drive

Published Apr 27, 2019 09:13 a.m. ET

Though marijuana is known for its potent and sedative qualities it’s one of the last things people think as an aphrodisiac. Marijuana can be incredibly effective at boosting sex drive and even increasing fertility when it’s consumed in smaller amounts. The key being small doses that are not going to induce a semi coma, because that’s not going to be helpful in the bedroom. What you need are some light, energizing, and relaxing weed strains to get you or your partner in the perfect mood. Here are ten of the world's most popular aphrodisiac weed strains that are known for their arousal boosting abilities including some of the most critical information like THC content and type. Why not head to your closest marijuana dispensary and try them out for yourself?

1. Hindu Skunk

This indica dominant hybrid delivers a mild and effective therapeutic benefit that is perfect for taking the edge off if anxiety is what’s holding you back in the bedroom. It’s parents Skunk and Hindu also display similar qualities that are combined in a delicious citrus and earthy taste that's paired with the traditional skunky smell.

THC content: 18%

2. Island Sweet Skunk

AKA Sweet Island Skunk is a fruity almost candy flavored tropical sativa dominant hybrid weed strain variety that delivers an energetic boost and aroma that make getting in the mood just a little easier after a long and stressful day. It also comes equipped with a hearty dose of CBD to alleviate any pain or inflammation that might be uncomfortable during sex.

THC content: 21%

3. Skunkberry

Skunkberry is an even 50/50 hybrid cross between Sativa and Indica weed strains. Its unique terpene profile hosts a mouthwatering berry packed taste and aroma, with effects that are more uplifting and euphoric while keeping a clear head which is necessary to function as an effective aphrodisiac.

THC content: 22%

4. Afghan Yumbolt

This indica cannabis strain was first designed by the Sensi Seedcompany for its massive resinous covered buds that are potent despite the lower than average THC count. Its effects are relaxing, and energetic, but might give you the munchies so keep some snacks handy.

THC content: 16%-19%

5. Atomic Northern Lights

ANL is a popular 50/50 hybrid weed strain that is carried across most marijuana dispensaries due to demand. This three-time Cannabis Cup winner works as an excellent aphrodisiac and is low THC so a perfect option for those who are less experienced with using pot.

THC content: 17%


6. Maui Wowie

MW originally came from Hawaii and was often used for its ability to increase energy while relaxing and sedating for the most enjoyment during all night festivals and rituals. It’s a Sativa strain that provides a tropical flavor of citrus and berry, with a light uplifting high that can keep you going for hours.

THC content: 24%

7. Ultimate Trainwreck

UT is a sativa marijuana strain that is more potent and popular than its counterpart the original Trainwreck. It has a pungent skunky smell and a sweet tropical, spicy, and herbal flavor that even includes a hint of mint. This is a world popular aphrodisiac strain that is perfect for a boost to your sex drive.

THC content: 27%

8. Flo

This even 50/50 hybrid weed strain won first place in the 1996 CannabisCup competition and is beautiful both inside and out. It’s bright purple appearance is exciting, but the benefits of using this type as an aphrodisiac come from the uplifted and energetic effects.

THC content: 22%

9. Asian Fantasy

AF is another sativa weed strain that exhibits some of the many benefits so often associated with the sativa label including a light and relaxing high that can last for hours while keeping you motivated, which is what makes it a perfect choice for a little extra boost between the sheets.

THC content: 19%

10. Green Crack

GC is a world-famous sativa marijuana strain that is known for its ability to sharpen focus and increase energy while still producing a euphoric and relaxing high. It even comes with a mild sweet and earthy taste that seems to help invigorate and refresh making it a perfect aphrodisiac weed strain.

THC content: 20%



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