10 Best hybrid cannabis strains for a massive yield

Published Sep 3, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Consumers will quite often select the best weed strains according to taste, smell, effects or potency, but growers have an entirely different perspective. Their livelihood demand maintaining a certain level of customer satisfaction while balancing the trade-off which can sometimes mean sacrificing yield size. Hybrids can be the answer to this problem, as they take the best of both worlds using Sativa and Indica genetics to produce a new and improved version that includes the characteristics that are most desired from both types of weed.

Indica vs Sativa

To understand why the genetics are important, you must also recognize the difference between both kinds of cannabis. Many consumers assume that the debate between Indica vs Sativa is related to their effects, but the truth is, there is only one category that dramatically changes when comparing one to the other, and that is the growing characteristics.


Indica marijuana plants are often believed to have the most potent and sedating effects, and while that fact remains debatable, how this type of weed grows is the opposite. Indica strains will typically be shorter and more robust, leading to a larger on average yield.


These cannabis plants can provide the same variety of effects as Indica, but unfortunately, they tend to be better suited to the hotter and more humid climates that are difficult to recreate in much of the world. Even if these plants get everything that they need, they will typically produce much smaller spindlier buds and branches which often adds up to a smaller harvest at the end of the growing season.

What are hybrids?

Hybrids are the products of mixing the genetics from both Indica and Sativa cannabis varieties, which allows growers to manipulate many different attributes of the new marijuana strain including how large it grows, how much it might produce, the size of the buds and even the potency, smell and taste of the cannabis.

Hybrids are not always evenly split, and it is not uncommon to see hybrids labeled as 30/70 or 60/40 or any other combination of percentage. That is due to the way in which the genetics are combined, which in an experienced growers’ hands, can produce the best weed strains that could ever be imagined for nearly any purpose.

Are hybrids all high yielding?

Just like any other types of weed, hybrids are typically designed for a particular purpose, and it isn’t always for the grower’s benefit. However, some of the best weed strains that offer high yields are hybrids.

The best weed strains for large yields


Whether you are just learning how to grow marijuana or seeking new and exciting strains to add to your collection, this list of fantastic hybrids will not disappoint. Every single one has been picked, not only for its yield size but also for its popularity among cannabis enthusiasts that are just like you.

  1. Holy Grail Kush
    Type: Indica dominant hybrid
    Parent strains: Kosher Kush OG #18

  2. Blue Dream
    Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
    Parent strains:Haze & Blueberry

  3. Cheese Quake
    Type: Indica dominant hybrid
    Parent strains:Cheese & Querkle

  4. Alien OG
    Type: Indica dominant hybrid
    Parent strains: Alien Kush & Tahoe OG

  5. White Widow
    Type: 50/50 hybrid
    Parent strains: South Indian Indica & South American

  6. Pineapple Chunk
    Type: Indica dominant hybrid
    Parent strains: Pineapple & Skunk No. 1 & Cheese

  7. Original Glue
    Type: 50/50 hybrid
    Parent strains: Chocolate Diesel & Chocolate Diesel & Chem’s Sister

  8. Mazar x Blueberry
    Type: Indica dominant hybrid
    Parent strains: Mazar & Blueberry

  9. Purple Trainwreck
    Type: Indica dominant hybrid
    Parent strains: Mendocino Purps & Trainwreck

  10. White Fire OG
    Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
    Parent strains: Fire OG & The White

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