10 Amazing things that you can do with cannabis distillate

Published Jun 28, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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You can get cannabinoids in almost any form that you could imagine these days. There are crystals, oils, extracts, and then the thicker cannabis concentrates, like wax, shatter, or budder, but few can compare to the incredible power and versatility that cannabis distillate has to offer, because it’s one of the few options out there that comes activated, and in a form that is safe enough to take in any way that you like.

1. Eat it straight from the syringe

Unlike most cannabis products that need to undergo a decarboxylation process in order to become activated, which is necessary to garner the benefits, both THC and CBD distillate can be enjoyed straight from the container that they came in. However, you’ll just want to do so with caution because it is highly concentrated, so start with a rice-sized portion under the tongue and then go from there.

2. Use some to make edibles

Edibles have cannabis consumers everywhere raving, as they offer a unique experience that doesn’t require inhaling smoke, and it can be combined with all of your favourite flavors with ease, and distillate makes the job so much easier. Though it can’t be used to replace ingredient like cannabutter, as that product is much less concentrated, it only takes a few moments to add a few drops of distillate to sauces and toppings like icing, and the result is incredible edibles.

3. Roll it into a joint

CBD and THC distillate may come activated, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it the good old fashioned way, so if you aren’t into all of the new-fangled options that are available, then you can use it in a regular old joint. Just slather some on the inside of a paper before you use it to roll up a bit of grind, and you’ll have a supercharged joint, that will induce a high, unlike anything that just bud alone could compare to.

4. Drip some onto a bed of herb

If you like the idea of a super-powered joint but aren’t a big fan of smoking paper, then this option may be ideal for you, as you can use any kind of bong or pipe that you may have on hand to get the job done. Just take a grinder, bust up some cannabis, and pack your bowl as usual, but to top it off, add a few small drops of distillate, and you’re sure to feel an extra kick.

5. Add a little bit to your favourite hot drinks

Cannabis distillate is a thick liquid type concentrate, that isn’t anywhere near being a solid, but it can harden in colder temperatures, which is why spiking hot drinks is another great idea if you’re looking for ways to use it. It dissolves nearly instantly taking no effort at all, and it can be used for all of the good hot drinks, like apple cider, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, for a delicious, drinkable cannabis-infused treat.

6. Vape it


If you’ve got an old fashioned vaporizer on hand that is compatible with grinds or concentrates, you can use distillate in it too, even if it doesn’t come with an additional liquid cartridge to house the liquid, as it vaporizes and leaves virtually nothing behind, and unlike with other cannabis concentrates, it takes a much lower temperature. This means that you can enjoy low temperature vaping with almost any device, as long as you’ve got distillate nearby.

7. Infuse your vape oil with cannabis

Some vapes just aren’t designed to hold any kind of cannabis products, and distillate can help you to make any kind of vape oil into a cannabinoid-infused dream. Most vape oil comes in bottles or cartridges, and as long as they have an opening, you can safely add THC or CBD distillate to the mix and have a perfectly measured dose of cannabinoids in your vapor.

8. Make medicated creams and salves

Since distillate is pre-activated and so highly concentrated, it makes for the ideal base of any homemade medicinal creams or salves, as it requires quite high doses of cannabinoids to feel effects through skin contact. You can use it to make your own back pain rubs or facial scrubs for an added glow, or you can put a few drops in the commercial products that you already know and love. No matter which way you choose, it will be easier and more affordable than the store-bought version, with a dose tailored just for you.

9. Dab it

If you want a really intense high, then you may want to experiment with dabbing THC distillate. The low boiling point allows for experimentation with lower temperatures, which can offer a smoother more enjoyable experience, and it’s an easy cannabis product to manipulate using a dab tool. Though cannabis distillate won’t have all of the same flavors you may get with other options, it will provide a potent hit, every single time.

10. Crossfade with alcohol

Though we still don’t entirely understand how alcohol and cannabinoids work when combined, a lot of people enjoy getting crossfaded, a trending term that is used to describe a buzz that’s felt after using both products at once. It’s described as a more intense experience that cannot be obtained with only one substance alone, as the two elements play off of each other to induce a more powerful high that seems to last longer than any standard buzz. Cannabis distillate is perfect for this, and all you need is a few small drips to spike vodka, beer, and any other alcohol-based beverage of your choosing.

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