Why vaping marijuana offers a more intense experience

Published Oct 10, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Since the legalization of marijuana, there has been a surge of interest in different ways of consuming the plant and its compounds. There are so many ways to consume marijuana, and some ways of consumption are more traditional than others. One popular and more traditional way of consuming marijuana is smoking. In recent times, vaping has received positive reactions from the public at large, who are interested in healthier alternatives to smoking, leading to a growing interest in vaping weed.

You may come to realize that vaping weed is an experience worth having if you are an all-time lover of cannabis. People vape weed for various reasons, but before we address the benefits of vaping weed, we need to know what vaping weed is all about.

What is vaping weed?

Vaping weed is a process of inhaling and exhaling vapors that arise from the heating of dried plants or concentrates with a device such as a vape pen. Plants, other than weed can be vaped too, but the vaping of weed is more popular than other plants.

Vaping has become more technologically friendly. There are different tools used for vaping, including portable vape pens. A quality portable vape pen may be expensive, but it is a worthwhile lifetime investment. It will save you from the trouble of replacing cheap vape pens. Vaping weed in a vape pen may allow the user to feel classier than randomly smoking with a pipe or joint. Vape pens may also be distinctive and creative, thereby enhancing and displaying the consumer's personality.

Benefits of Vaping

There are many medical and recreational benefits of vaping, but the main medicinal benefit is the inhalation of less toxic chemicals due to the lower level of combustion, unlike smoking. Some studies show that due to the low combustion levels of vaping, there are rarely any respiratory problems associated with vaping.

Concentration levels


Vaping is indeed beneficial as a recreational way of consuming cannabis. The vaping process usually involves the use of concentrates. Some of these concentrates include hash and THC oil.

  • THC vape oil - This is a liquid form concentrate, and vaping allows the THC vape oil to be heated at a lower temperature than other forms of concentrate that are solid-like. It has a high concentration of THC.

Generally, cannabis concentrates are more potent than dried cannabis flowers because they have a higher concentration of THC and terpenes, which is why vaping concentrates can cause a higher euphoric feeling. That is because THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. A higher concentration of THC means a stronger ‘high.’ For persons who consume marijuana for the thrill of getting stoned,  vaping concentrates offers the perfect solution.


To get a smooth experience from vaping, you need to have the right temperature. Low temperature may affect the release of terpenes, which give cannabis its scent. Similarly, a temperature that is too high may destroy many of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Some weed pens, especially the new and improved ones have an adjustable temperature.

Indeed, the vaping of weed concentrates can be more beneficial for persons who are seeking medical benefits from cannabis or persons who want to feel extra ‘high.’

Dabbing vs vaping


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