What you need to know about the World Cannabis Activist Network

Published Jan 24, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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The Cannabis Activist Network’s group is a grassroots news site whose goal is to inform cannabis activists worldwide of the latest news that is relevant to the cause. Short-form description: it is a cannabis news and media website. Cannabis activists will go to all lengths and give everything that they must to further the cause of cannabis.

Founded in 2010

Mission: To be the deliverer of news from a broad range of media outlets involving Activism and Cannabis.

Their mission is to ensure that responsible adults have choices for cannabis as an alternative medicine, much like cannabis, is a recreational choice over alcohol and nicotine use for some. Marijuana should be available for those that choose to partake.

The unit operates independently and has strong beliefs that the war on drugs has caused many families ripped apart and at odds with local law enforcement agencies. The direction of the group is to keep informed and to stay vigilant. This need is at the top of the interest list of this group. The ongoing belief, of each of us being agents of history, and that history is still in the making is a resounding statement from this network.

To be a member of any worthwhile cause, activists must learn to listen to what people are talking about. You may have a difference of opinion. However, your role as an activist is to hear what people are saying honestly; a cannabis activist's position is no different

Staying informed is made available by involving oneself in events like the World Cannabis Activism Day. This holiday is celebrated each September 24th at 4:20. Cannabis activists have honoured this event since the early 21st century.  The day is to honour the activist who fought to legalize cannabis and is delivered by Budtender Holidays.

The holiday aims to promote getting involved in local community activities. This day is currently being used to educate oneself on not only the local but the global cannabis movement. By joining the world's cannabis activist network, those that are more than interested in self-knowledge about the plant can access cannabis jobs through the website.


Cannabis is a bit of a tight-knit community that, to some, was born out of activism. The people who are part of this space have banded together to help fight the local, federal, and state and even the international restrictions that surround cannabis. The work that these people these cannabis activists have done was the foundation for the industry as we know it today.

When looking for employment in the industry, it is ideal that you will not only be working for the job aspect but to help make a difference in the understanding of the plant. Cannabis jobs are full spectrum;  the narrow minded often cannot see further than the grower to the budtender as cannabis jobs. However, the cannabis activist network will keep you interested and informed of the many cannabis opportunities that are available worldwide.

A few of the needed cannabis job positions include:

  • Operations assistant
  • Budtender
  • Social media Intern
  • Insurance agent
  • Compliance/Licensing Officer
  • General manager of a dispensary
  • Cannabis Licensing Manager

These are just the start of the available cannabis jobs. There are many different titles in the industry for all different kinds of people.

The World Cannabis Activist Network is working hard to keep all informed of any issues about the cannabis space today.

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