Using radio waves to cleanse cannabis buds before testing

Published Nov 2, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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The radio may be slowly phasing out as new options like satellite radio, and Bluetooth stereo systems become the norm, but it seems that there is a new and exciting way to use this outdated technology, and cannabis industry producers are the ones who are reaping the most benefits.

The introduction of marijuana legalization was a massive step in the right direction, and as the movement spreads, we are seeing further proof of the fact that the marijuana plant isn’t the demon that so many of us were taught to believe. In fact, regulations can mean great things, as they are often geared toward the public’s best interests. One of the most important rules on regulated marijuana plant products today is that they must be tested for contaminants that may be harmful to the consumer.

Moldy weed troubles

One of the biggest problems that both small and large scale marijuana plant growers face is mold, as the environment that is ideal for a growing and maturing marijuana plant is also perfect for bacteria to grow into fuzzy mold. It takes less time to start then you might realize, and often mold spores can be found in marijuana bud that looks perfectly fine.

This harmless looking addition can do a whole lot more than slightly irritate the lungs. Smoking moldy weed can cause upper respiratory infections, headaches, migraines, allergic reactions and more, which is why it is so important that all cannabis producers conduct regular testing.

The problem with this stringent rule is that the limits are set incredibly low, which makes dry marijuana bud safer for consumers, but more difficult for those who supply it. While a tour through your local marijuana plant greenhouse might look impeccably clean and cared for, moldy weed is a pesky problem that even the best and most experienced growers deal with within nearly every crop. That is the reason why some of the best minds in the world came together to create a machine called Apex.

What is Apex?


Apex is a marijuana bud cleansing machine that was created by Ziel to solve the problem of poor-quality testing scores. It can hold up to 20 pounds of dry herb and takes only 20 minutes to remove most of the mold spores and or bacteria from the buds.

How does it work?

At first glance, it might seem like the machine is able to somehow mask the presence of mold. Since this is such a new concept, it is often met with hesitation, but some of the largest growers in the world keep one or two on hand for just this reason. Each machine is filled with up to 20 pounds of marijuana bud, and a button is pressed to begin the cleaning.

When this happens, a massive and consistent burst of radio waves wash over the buds, and they are gentle enough to leave the plant material alone but rough enough to essentially scrub away the mold spores using small vibrations. They slowly fall off and collect in the bottom of the Apex, and once the cycle is complete, the chances of test results coming back as failed for moldy weed are slim to none.

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