Using a cannabis social network to help a company thrive

Published Feb 25, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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So, you are just starting a business, and you are looking to get some exposure. You can send out flyers and or create a Facebook or Twitter page and start a bit of a following, or you can contact a website that is already up and running and ask to have your company named on the site. For example, a site like can make your name seen.

Did you know that a lot of social media platforms are not allowed to promote cannabis? Even if it is legal, they just are not allowed to have it on their site, and if they do, they risk having their site shut down. Let’s have a look at some of the rules for the different social media platforms.


They have specific policies on what they can have in regard to adds. Due to Federal restrictions, marijuana companies are strictly forbidden from running any adds if there is any drug content included, and yes, that is, even if cannabis is legal. If you do not follow the guidelines set forth, you could have your ads shut down, or even worse.

They can legally delete your account. That means that all your followers will no longer see your adds or any future content. That can be devastating if your page has thousands of followers as they do not get a notification stating what happened. They do not see your posts anymore with no real answer.


The same rules apply. There is not supposed to be any cannabis advertising done on twitter. Although they are not as strict as Facebook, they prohibit any illegal drug advertising and any promotion of hard drug use.


Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012, so Instagram has many of the same policies. There is no advertising permitted for marijuana of any kind.


These policies state that even if a drug is legal in certain jurisdictions. they do not allow any ads for pharmaceutical drugs or anything related to them. They also do not allow any promotion for any herbal medications or illegal drugs. It is also not allowed to promote adds on passing drug tests; they are all strictly prohibited.

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They do not allow ads that glamorize any drug use or any encouragement of any kind. As well as ads for drug paraganglia or any illegal drug use.


There is no sale or imagery allowed. No promotion of illegal drugs and or sales of illicit or recreational drugs or anything that promotes the storage of drugs. Although it has been said that Pinterest does allow the promotion of hemp products, this has not been stated in any of their policies. So do be careful as your account will be deleted if you do not follow the rules.


As far as advertising on Google, they also own YouTube, and yes, they to prohibit ads for cannabis. Although there have been companies that have gotten away with it as long as they avoid specific images and words, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of doing that.


If you partner with an industry influencer its a great way to have your name put out there as their followers are reached through them. This is an ingenious way to reach your wanted goal as they can expand the word organically, and that can be very valuable to your company.

The key is to create a great customer experience. This prompts one to share your content, thus getting your company name out there in ways of social media and other platforms. The more platforms that you are on, the more you are seen. Picking the right platforms that align with your brand is incredibly important as you want to reach a particular group of people, so be mindful when choosing.

There is a lot of social media restrictions when advertising, although the organic approach can be a fantastic way to stay in the loop and ahead of your competition. Having some good creativity and trying to stand apart from competitors is also a great idea. The best thing to do is to work hard, be as creative as possible, and always strive to stay unique.

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