Nanotechnology and CBD products

Published Jun 15, 2019 10:26 a.m. ET
What is nanotech? Is it science fiction or is it real? iStock / FroggyFrogg

First and foremost, we all need to know what nanotechnology is. Nanotechnology is a scientific process that makes molecules absorb easily in the body by making the molecules smaller. In the same respect, nano-technology is used to make cannabinoids molecules smaller so that the body can absorb them easier. This is a scientific process that cannot be seen with the natural eye. A microscope would be required.

Nanotechnology uses a process of sonication that allows the cannabinoids to reduce and emulsified into a solution.

Nanotechnology is not exclusive to CBD products. It is quite popular in beauty products and medication. If anything, it is new in terms of its research concerning marijuana. Also, more research is underway.

Research shows that smaller molecules absorb faster in a person's bloodstream. Therefore, very small nanoparticles are absorbed faster than usual sized particles into the bloodstream. This is very effective and efficient.

Many marijuana brands claim that they are keeping up with technology. Why shouldn't they? It helps them to make the products they offer more effective.

There are many CBD oil benefits that one can receive from a CBD product when it is nano-enhanced. For example, the nano-enhanced hemp oil which is legal (no THC) and is absorbed through the body easily, thereby being more effective. These oils aid in treating ailments such as arthritis, anxiety or just regular pain. This list of ailments is not exhaustive; it is rather illustrative.


Additionally, research shows that nano-sized particles have an absorption rate of one hundred percent. A certain dosage of cannabinoids is not usually absorbed by the body in its exact portion. However, nano-sized cannabinoids allow the body to absorb the same dosage that an individual consumes. For instance, 30 mg dosage of nano-sized CBD molecules would equal the same 30 mg when it has been absorbed by the body. This means more value for your dosage and money. In other words, it also means that you can buy less and get more.

Furthermore, CBD nanotechnology helps to increase the bioavailability of products. Also, persons who usually smoke marijuana, don't have to smoke it, considering that it can be dangerous for the lungs and one's health in general. These persons can use effective CBD skin-care products that are nano-sized or a variety of other methods.

It can also be sold as dietary supplements although these supplements are not vetted by the FDA. As a result, there may be safety precautions that we as consumers must take. We should be skeptical about the brands we purchase our CBD products from. There may be brands that claim that they product has been nano-sized when this is not the truth. Therefore, we must appreciate the benefit we can derive from carrying out our own personal research on some brands' products so that we can feel safe when we purchase these products.

Finally, it should be noted that nanotechnology is science. It is as real as you want it to be.



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