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Published Apr 9, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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This is an ideal time to take an online course, especially with everything going on in the world right now, and if you have been thinking about diving into the cannabis sector, then you are in luck. Ministry-approved courses are now available online, and with them, you can earn cannabis management, quality or laboratory certification. This may be the right time for a career change. We have made a list of schools that are offering online certificate programs that are cannabis-related, but be sure to do your research before signing up, as there are many different courses now available.

1. Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

This is a private school, and they offer a 16-week online certificate program in Cannabis management, quality, and laboratory. The description on the website mentions that students will be trained in cannabis regulations, growing, laboratory, and sanitation techniques. For dates times and costs, please refer to the website.

2. Ryerson University

At Ryerson, they are offering the Business of Cannabis course. In this course, students will explore cannabis business financing the regulations concerning cultivation, processing, and distribution, and marketing and sales. For registration details, please refer to the website.

3. University of Ottawa

This university is offering two courses in cannabis law, and these classes are provided in both English and French. The university has teamed up with Canopy Growth to enable the students to tour the facility and gain a good understanding of the cannabis industry.

4. McMaster University

Continuing education classes are offered at this university for cannabis science. This course is offered entirely online as a certificate, or you can do one session on a time part-time basis. Fundamentals of Cannabis would be the first unit that will then help you with the science of cannabis, which are both offered online. There is a fee for online courses, and they are still available for spring registration.

5. Class Central

This is an entirely online platform that offers several different options for those who want to get involved in the medical marijuana field. All online courses are free. The website looks decent, and hey, its all free education. You will need to refer to the website for dates and times. They also have a review section you can check out to decide if it offers the learning that you seek.

6. Green Cultured


There is a free trial option to sign up with Green Cultured. These online courses do come with a fee, but it seems to be very reasonable. They offer several different areas of training. Please refer to the website for cost time and dates and read the reviews to decide if it’s a good fit for what you are hoping to find. As everyone is aware, all schools are closed at this point, so these are online classes. You may want to shop around a little before making a choice. There are so many different areas in the cannabis industry that we can all learn.

7. Oakstardam University

Offering classes both online and in person. Their courses are centered around growing the cannabis plant. Horticulture of the cannabis plant is an essential part of the industry. They have classes that date back to 1995, so it’s a great and trusted university.

8. Trichome Institute

This college offers three different courses, including cannabis product and sales training, interpending, and responsible vendor. These courses are available online. Interpending is a technique used to identify and understand the grade of cannabis and different terpenes. Check these guys out for more information.

9. Cannabis Training University

You can gain some excellent knowledge at this University. They offer a Master of Marijuana Certificate that includes all seven courses for only $249. That's a great deal! This is a very knowledgeable course with great information.

10. Clover LeafUniversity

This university offers seminars on growing and cultivation along with training programs and workshops. All are designed to prepare you for a career in the cannabis industry. They provide online courses and in-class, so you can choose whatever one suits your schedule.

The great thing about the free online classes is that it gives you a chance to roam around and see which areas of the industry you wish to pursue.

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