The world’s first portable HPLC

Published Sep 19, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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How vital is HPLC to you, and what exactly is HPLC? Perhaps the first portable HPLC for cannabis will be the tool that will provide you with technical testing without having to be a technician. LightLab 3 is releasing a next-generation mobile device that the non-technical user will feel comfortable using while providing the cannabis-specific testing applications for the experts too.

What is it that this machine can offer the cannabis or hemp cultivation sector?

High-performance liquid chromatography is used to separate compounds to identify, quantify, or purify each component of the sample used.

Compliance testing is stringent in the cannabis industry, but obtaining accurate cannabinoid information has been a struggle so far, that is, until HPLC came into use on a wider scale. The LightLab 3 can measure 11 cannabinoids, which include CBD and THC. The accuracy in testing for the presence of cannabinoids in the plants has a threshold of 0.05 percent, which is pretty great.

Cannabinoids are, for some, the most essential components of the cannabis plant today, as they are the molecules responsible for the plant's therapeutic and psychoactive effects as well as the most known and used compounds within the cannabis plant. Labels on some of the cannabis products available today are required to only report the concentrations of two of the compounds within the plant, those being THC and CBD. However, science has identified over 100 chemically distinct compounds in the plant.

The testing for potency is a necessary tool for the legal cannabis market. The extraction of the compounds from the legal plant also falls under strict potency regimes and process methods. The HPLC can complete this task quickly and efficiently. Potency testing provides useful information for the consumer and the producer, as data is collected to aid and refine the producer's ability to solve breeding, growing, and harvesting issues in a more straightforward way.

Companies worldwide are using the analyzer in support of R & D on-site. THC compliance in hemp cultivation, extraction efficiency, law enforcement, and regulatory applications is necessary. Stephanie McArdle, President of Orange, Photonics, the mobile HPLC supplier, sees the change in the way the plant-touching business will be doing business. The advantage of real-time cannabinoid content data will be valued and allow enterprises to evaluate and make evidence-based decisions rapidly.


Benefits attributed to the HPLC system

Some of the critical benefits of HPLC include:

  • Providing data management reporting and instrument validation and decent security features
  • Powerful and adaptable
  • Controls and automates chromatography instrumentation
  • Able to manage all areas of analysis from samples to instruments, including from separation to reporting results
  • The system increases productivity
  • The system is affordable.

Ending thoughts

Potency testing provides valuable information for cannabis growers. Useful information is obtained with the HTPL system regarding the strains that the growers are developing. The ability to detect the acid forms of both THC and CBD offers the grower a more sensitive method of determining whichever strain's potency is being produced.

Labs that use this system provide a detailed cannabinoid profile for all the products and extraction methods manufactured at a facility. The world's first portable HTPL system completes the ease at which competent analytical testing can be completed at a facility and by a non-professional.

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