Top vaporizer brands of 2019

Published Nov 21, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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There is a long list of vapes available today, ranging in price from twenty bucks to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Let us look at some of the top brands and get a little bit of information on them.

1. The DaVinci IQ
This one is a very well-made vaporizer that is perfect for your dry herbs. This vape has a battery life of 8hours with a heat-up time of 16 seconds has a removable power source 18650 cell heats up to 250f -430f. The Davinci is a well-made vape that comes with two mouthpieces innovative led grid display. And precision temperature control.

Users can select any of the four heating ranges that they prefer the device will stay in the same RANGE for the duration of the session this vape is Bluetooth compatible, so you can download the app so you can control the exact scope of their vape experience.DaVinci has a bottom loading chamber that is all ceramic zirconia.comes with a flat leveled mouthpiece and an extended one for your comfort.

2. The Herb E
This vape is lightweight and compact and made for your dry herb and Has a battery life of ten hours and a heat-up time of ten seconds. This small vape pen holds a 1200 mah battery. This dry herb vape pen is pocket-friendly with an aluminum chamber for your dry herb vaping needs. The DaVinci has to LED eyes; yellow is content; this is the lowest setting, and red is the highest setting. The metal exterior is wrapped in carbon fiber to prevent the transfer of heat to your hands.

3. The Mighty
The Mighty is a high tech potent weed vaporizer. This vape uses both convection and conduction to vape dry herbs and liquids and is portable. There are two internal2668 mAh batteries that will give you almost two hours of charge also has a small LED on the front of the vape so you can review the temp. Pluss a set of up and down buttons for heat control. Temperature ranges from 104 F – 410 F.

4. Gpen Nova
This vape is for dry herb and concentrates an excellent portable, sleek design made from high-quality materials. Has a removable 510 thread atomizer has a built-in 300 mAh battery that you can adjust. There are no air vents. It has different voltage settings that you can see on the LED ring .you can use the center ring firing switch to change 3.2V,3.5V, and 3.9V. The mouthpiece has a ceramic loading tool that you can load your concentrates and use your fingers for your dry herb.


5. Arizer Solo 2
Arizer Solo 2 is an easy and effective dry herb vape that has a battery life of about 3 hours heat-up time 30seconds clear vapor path for fantastic flavor. The sollo2 has borosilicate a glass mouthpiece to make sure you have fantastic flavor. The Arizer has a convection and conduction heating style.The Arizer 2 is an updated version of the original Solo, and it has a heating range of 122F -428F.

6. Dr dabber Switch
This vape is a desktop vape you can vape dry herbs and concentrates. It has a heat style that has a glass heating chamber that is surrounded by metal coils.The switch has two heat settings that allow you to choose the different vape experience. There are five different temperatures and the option to switch to pro mode three different buttons on the front that will enable you to choose the material that you are vaping and to start heating. Heating time is less than ten seconds.

7. Pax3
This vape has dual-use, so it work with both concentrates and herbs. Pax3 is portable and features single button control. This device has a clean and straight forward look, and a great stainless steel oven with a ceramic heating element. It has a concentrates lid that can be used to vape liquids or solids, which is a new feature of the Pax3. Pax 3 has an internal 3500mAh battery. This vape has a heat setting of 360F,380F,400F, and 420F. It also has different modes so you can customize the vape further. Bluetooth compatibility to give more control over the heating of your pax3 vaporizer.

With so many different vapes out there, it is probably best to shop around and do a little research. Be picky with your vapes and always remember that you get what you pay for, especially with all the controversy as of late in regards to vaping. Vape pens can be a very convenient and discreet way to enjoy your herb!

An Introductory Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers


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