The need for better extraction equipment is growing

Published Feb 7, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Extracting concentrates from the cannabis plant is big business these days. and with things moving so fast, the demand increases for top-quality equipment. There are all kinds of machinery available for extraction today, including some substantial industrial machines, and some that are closer to the size of a kettle. How big of one you will need depends upon the size of your operation and how much extracting you plan to do. Today we are going to take a look at some different kinds of equipment, including both the pros and the cons.

Alcohol extraction

Alcohol is probably one of the most common methods used for cannabis extraction. It is one of the cheapest ways to do the extraction. Ethanol soaks up all the significant compounds that can be separated via evaporation. This method is also very flammable and needs diligent caution while handling. With temperature changes that can end up having a not so intended effect on your extraction, be sure to read the manual before you attempt it to ensure your extraction turns out as planned.

Butane Extraction

Butane and propane, in some cases, can seem a lot like co2 when the butane is heated and pressurized, which transforms it from a liquid into vapour. This makes it easier to remove, creating some excellent high-quality shatter or dabs.

Old fashion ice water extraction

This method is like a cold bath for weed. THC is denser than water, so the compounds separate, allowing the cannabinoid-rich water to be filtered through micron bags. Once finished, the end product can be smoked or vaped.

Source Turbo

This is a massive little extractor that has an app so you can set up your extraction from your phone, and it will change the altitude, so if you are on the ground or a mountain to you will still be able to have a productive extraction. The source turbo sells for 599.00; it is easy to use, suitable for extraction at home, and it does not require harmful solvents. It does, however, have a low production capacity and it is not recommended for commercial use. It's designed more for the smaller scale home grower.

The Boss co2 extraction


This extractor has been built for cannabis has automated controls, which means that you don’t need to use manual valves. Load and unload times are short, allowing more production can prosecute. This machine can process up to 20 pounds of marijuana in a four-hour timeframe without supervision. As a more industrial machine, the price tag is a few bucks at around $250,000. It has a minimal carbon footprint, no harmful solvents, and is overall a great machine, but it is not suitable for home use. With this one, you must use diligence when storing the co2 does as it operates on high pressure, so there is some complexity in learning how to run this extractor.

Ablaze Mini

This extractor can extract 45grams of marijuana at a time. Its priced right at 510.00. This mini excellent for home use and is absolutely perfect for beginners. It does require a vacuum pump and a recovery tank, so that raises the bill a little, but otherwise, it’s a great at-home use extractor.

Super C Extractor

The super c can extract 1 oz of weed at a time. It is small and one of the cheapest on the market. Not for everyday use but great for the occasional extractor, the price is $4000.00. It's not suited for mass production and requires an expansion pack, so again, the bill goes it is excellent, depending on the amount of use you plan to get out of it.

Magical Butter Extractor

The Magical Butter extractor is a very decently priced machine for home use. It will extract butter, tinctures, and oil in just a couple hours, and it is self-cleaning. It comes priced at $194.95 and that’s a fantastic deal for such a compact and multipurpose use tool. It’s safe to use and comes with a booklet to help you to extract oil, butter and tinctures for a reasonable price.

There are many different extractors available, and you will need to choose what is appropriate for you. THC extraction is really popular today, and with all of the new recipes and so forth, the industry does need to engineer machines that are a little more up to par. When will this happen, I can't say, but its almost guaranteed that someone somewhere is working on the issue right now.

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