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Published Mar 2, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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There are a wide variety of ailments that people use CBD oils to treat, and so far, there has been a multitude of research and experiments into its benefits that seem to be very promising. Placebo trials are happening, and the findings of these are amazing. As of late, scientists have been looking deeper into the effects that the many other cannabinoids have on the body.

As most of the attention is solely focused on THC, CBD is one of the most popular new health care trends around it seems to have gotten some approval before there were any real studies done there for with cannabis being legal now scientists are jumping in to find the very much talked about potentials.

Life, as we know it, can be changed by helping someone that suffers in their daily life with a few drops of this miracle oil that we are becoming acutely aware and found of. CBD oil for anxiety has been used for years, and it said that it has a beneficial effect. The great thing about CBD oil is it can be given oil under the tongue, or you can use a CBD vape, options that not all medications provide.

CBD studies that have been done

There have been many studies done in different areas of CBD oil and its benefits. The only concern that most have is that this research has been conducted in a lab on mice rather than people.  That is not to say that the reviews are not accurate, but it does mean that we need to have more studies done directly on humans and not just a small group.

Chronic pain

CBD has demonstrated a significant effect on chronic pain cannabinoids target the receptors that are involved with feeling pain. It transpired that CBD helped to suppress the pain signals, and the studies showed evidence that CBD might be able to replace opiates in pain relief. The research was conducted on human subjects they reported directly to staff but did not stay in the lab during the study

Liver damage

Studies found that CBD may have a beneficial effect on liver damage caused by the overconsumption of alcohol. Research performed on lab mice. Human studies are needed, but in short, it looks very promising for those that are suffering from liver disease

Blood pressure

With nine participants being given CBD oil for blood pressure, they found that there was a significant reduction in blood pressure. The findings are great, but there is much more research that has to be done as this was a study of only nine men.


PTSD is a complicated disorder that affects many of our servicemen and women. The effects of PTSD can be very debilitating. Studies showed that CBD could have a therapeutic effect on the fear of memories that cause anxiety. More studies are needed to be done in this area, although there have been many people that state CBD was very helpful in helping aid in the effects of PTSD.


The study showed that CBD could reduce brain damage that strokes can cause. The research was conducted on rats in a lab. Human studies are necessary for this area.

CBD is a great drug that has shown to help people with all kinds of different issues. The problem is that most studies are being done mostly on lab rats and mice. Although many studies have been done in this manner, it seems that there is a need for more human studies. The input that was given by people that use CBD is very beneficial. There are a plethora of benefits CBD oil provides.

Without a doubt, more research is needed, but with the amount that has been done, we have found some fascinating information. With all of the ailments in this world that people suffer from, the opiates seem to be overused, and that in turn causes addiction, which leads to a whole other list of problems for the patients. Imagine a world that we could all have access to a drug that is not addictive and beneficial to so many different complexes and hard to treat issues.

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