The effects and benefits of getting high at various temperatures

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:44 p.m. ET

 The average pot smoker assumes that they are already feeling their bud’s maximum potential just by smoking it and buying whatever the highest quality bud is available to them. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they have yet to unlock the full potential of their high using different temperatures.

At what temperature is THC released?

The best temperature to vape weed or smoke weed is going to depend on the benefits you want to obtain. The THC boiling point is 157 degrees Celsius, and CBD boiling point is more of a range between 160-180 degrees Celsius, but THC isn’t the only compound responsible for the overall effects of a high. Terpenes tend to have a higher boiling point. Terpenes unlock the flavors, taste, and some of the aromatic qualities that can enhance the experience felt.

Boiling points of cannabis compound
The boiling points of cannabis compounds vary and since each compound is responsible for different effects and benefits that a user

  1. THC Temperature - 157 degrees Celsius
    Medicinal Properties - Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Euphoriant, Antiemetic, Antioxidant

2. CBD Temperature - 160-180 degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- Antispasmodic, Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Analgesic, AntiPsychotic, Anxiolytic

3. CBN Temperature - 18.5 degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- Antibiotic, Sedative, Oxidization

4. CBC Temperature - 220 degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- Antifungal, Antibiotic, Anti Inflammatory

5. THCV Temperature - 220 degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- Euphoriant, Analgesic

6. D-limonene Temperature - 177 Degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- Antimutagenic, Anti-Depressant, Immune Potentiator

7. Linalool Temperature - 198 Degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- Immune Potentiator, Anxiolytic, Anti-Depressant, Sedative

8. Myrcene Temperature - 166-169 Degrees Celcius
Medicinal Properties- Antimutagenic, Antibiotic, Anti Inflammatory, Analgesic


9. Pinene Temperature - 156 Degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- AChE Inhibitor, Antineoplastic, Antibiotic, Bronchodilator, Anti Inflammatory

10. Eucalyptol Temperature - 176 Degrees Celsius
Medicinal Properties- Antinociceptive, Anti Inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Stimulant, Increases Cerebral Blood Flow, AChE Inhibitor

In general, if you want to maximize the effects of all the compounds found in cannabis than a higher temperature is better as it will unlock the most potential. In contrast, if you want a lighter more mellow high than a cooler temperature may produce the results you would prefer.

Does smoking weed in an environment with extreme temperatures affect the high?

The other way temperature can affect a cannabis high is through the environment. Although not nearly as effective as utilizing the boiling points of cannabis compounds, smoking weed in an extremely cold or extremely hot environment will feel like it magnifies the high.

Smoking in The Cold

Smoking cannabis in extremely cold temperatures will affect a user differently because the chill causes the lungs to open to bring in more oxygen. The body uses that oxygen to try to speed up blood pressure bringing up the person's temperature. When weed is smoked with open lungs, the effects can be felt quicker and more intensely, and the toke will feel smoother.

Smoking in The Heat

Smoking marijuana in the heat gives similar results for a different reason. In extreme heat, a human will begin to sweat and breathe faster more shallow breaths. A person's blood pressure will also rise meaning a more direct delivery of several of the most enjoyable cannabis compounds. The only drawback to smoking in the heat is the user will likely only be able to handle smaller tokes that will feel harsher going down.

Neither hot nor cold environmental changes make a big enough difference in the overall high of smoking cannabis. The only true game changer is harnessing the knowledge of the various boiling points and benefits of cannabis compounds and experimenting with what works best for you.



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