Survey reveals interesting facts about CBD users

Published Jun 10, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Why is it that surveys report the idea that most people are not interested in CBD? Some polls show that  Americans have no interest in using it either. They also have no information on it. The survey results are perhaps not indicative of the projected global cannabis sales expected to reach in the tens of billions in the next few years.

Are your views reflected in the survey?

CBD news has focused on the benefits of CBD for years. About 35% of Americans indicated that they may use CBD to help with health conditions they are experiencing. Current surveys indicate consumers are using CBD to help them with pain and stress combined. Back pain was a common indication for using  CBD, as reported on Civic Science survey.

However, this study indicated that cannabis oil should not be confused with CBD, and is perhaps not as notorious as we have been lead to believe. Cannabis oil is not derived from the industrial hemp plant. It is derived from the same cannabis plant used for recreational and medicinal cannabis. Cannabis oil contains THC. Products containing high levels of THC are considered narcotics in many countries.

Cannabis oil is used for different purposes than CBD oil

Cannabis oil uses

  • Recreational to get high
  • THC for some help with pain and insomnia
  • An easier more precise dose
  • Longer-lasting effects
  • No weed odour

CBD oil uses

  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Alleviate cancer-related symptoms
  • May help to reduce acne
  • May have neuroprotective properties.

Hemp oil can be found in many health stores and higher-end supermarkets. Hemp seed oil or hemp oil is a cold-pressed extract taken from hemp seeds, and there are no cannabinoids in it. One will not get any high feelings from the superfood, which provides benefits because it is rich in antioxidants, 6 fatty acids, protein, and omega-3. Hemp oil benefits a person’s diet by providing one with extra nutritional value in their food.  Hemp oil also helps the skin by moisturizing and softening it. Hemp oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Hempseed oil has been around for decades in health products, and for cooking. Still, CBD is relatively new to many consumers.

So, according to the stats reported, companies that have businesses involving the use of CBD may be taken back by the results of the survey. Given the rising popularity of the hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), the number of Americans who use CBD or have knowledge about the substance is low.  The 50% of people who responded to the survey seem to have no interest in the substance, and the additional 15% have indicated that they have no idea what CBD is. They claim they have never heard of the substance.


Stress or CBD?

It is interesting to note how Americans surveyed handled stress in 2019. The people who feel they do not handle stress well are about 35% more likely to use or have the intention to use CBD products. This is in comparison to those who believe they are handling or managing their stress alright without the aid of CBD.

Can we get on the same page?

Does this survey indicate that health professionals are not on the same page as the informed and educated cannabis-friendly health professional? The study shows the more visits to the doctor, the less the consumer would use CBD, and some became unhappy with their use of a CBD infused product.

In Conclusion

This amazing CBD news indicates that the research gathered shows how often a consumer visits a health practitioner or other health provider influences while they use CBD. Interestingly the survey shed light on the fact that those who saw a doctor, nurse, or some other health professional within the last year did not seek the benefit of CBD. Those that did not seek the aid of a medical professional in the previous year, approximately 75% were happy with the results they achieved from using CBD.

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