Study shows consumers vastly over-predict cannabinoids in pot products

Published May 6, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Do you know how much THC and CBD is in your weed or edibles? Well, surprisingly enough, Hash Bash did a study asking advocates to answer questions about cannabis, and the results were that most people guessed doses to be considerably low. This shows that most consumers do not know the THC levels, CBD levels, or what an effective dosage is.

Even those that consider themselves Marijuana enthusiasts had inferior knowledge and were not aware of the percentage of THC and CBD in the many different strains of cannabis. They were either way too high or far to low in their predictions on the amounts. This is just another reason that educating the public on cannabis is of extreme importance.

The research team surveyed 500 participants at Hash Bash and asked them to fill out a 24-item questionnaire. Most participants said that they gained their knowledge from their own experiences. Two-thirds said they smoke every day, and most said that it was for medicinal reasons. The questionnaire also asked participants to fill out the number of milligrams that they thought was an effective dosage of THC and CBD.

THC is where one gets high from, and CBD does not give you a high but has many other benefits such as relief from anxiety, depression, nausea, and inflammation. On the survey, there was also an I don’t know box, and since most said that they didn’t know, it is pretty clear that even those who regularly use cannabis genuinely have no idea about cannabinoids.

The results

Others said that 91 milligrams of THC and 177 milligrams of CBD are low doses, but these numbers are completely off because that amount of THC could be fatal. When asked what they thought was high and low THC and CBD strains, 58% of participants said that they believe that a low THC strain of marijuana is 20% THC or higher, and that percentage would be considered a high dose of THC. 22% of participants thought that strains with 40% THC are low doses. Meanwhile, that amount is higher than any strain available at this present time.


86% thought that a low CBD strain of marijuana would measure up to 10% CBD or higher, and that would be considered a high level of marijuana. Almost half of the participants believed that a high CBD percentage was 30% or higher, and that amount is far more than any strain of cannabis that is available right now.

The study that was done at the Hash Bash shows how little people know about cannabis science and the proper dosage that is required. A good example of this is edibles. It is essential to know the percentages of THC and CBD that each person uses, whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes. All consumers need to be aware of the dosage that they are consuming.

We have some very talented cannabis producers that are working hard on crossbreeding and making strains with higher levels of both THC and CBD to appease the needs of patients and ensure optimal results from their medications. Education is the key, and it looks like we all need to look into cannabis science a little more. Maybe some good information sessions are required in order to help solve this issue. So that we can have a society that is well informed about the dosage of cannabis, edibles, CBD oils, or THC oils.

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