Recycling CO2 from beer makers to fuel cannabis crops

Published Mar 5, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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On an environmental level, we have heard murmurs of the carbon footprint that growing marijuana may leave, and as a result many have been trying to figure out how to make the industry a little greener. Growing outdoors is not the issue, as the problem has more to do with the indoor crops.

In Colorado, they are putting some new technology to use. Denver Beer Co is one of the largest brewing companies by volume. Austin based earthly labs are capturing the CO2 that is released naturally into the air during the fermentation process.

They then have a refrigerator-sized apparatus that purifies the gas and chills it into a liquid, which is then stored in 750-pound tanks. From there, they transport the C02 a few miles to the clinic, and then growers dump the liquid into the grow rooms to speed up the photosynthesis.

Considering they have a thriving cannabis industry and very well-established breweries, it seems like a match and an excellent way to lower the carbon footprint. Although there is no funding for this project yet, we are hoping that may change in the future as the results of the environmental elements are currently being found.

C02 emissions are a large percentage of greenhouse gasses that trap heat into the atmosphere, thus warming the planet. Lowering greenhouse gasses has always been a challenge that may have a significant impact on our environment.

Colorado is home to over 1,442 licenses cannabis growers and approximately 396 local breweries.

This will be a 16-week pilot project, and the excitement is building as this could very well be a definite stomp on the carbon footprint that growing cannabis can have. Not only will this be very cost-efficient, but it will also eliminate the need for growers to purchase gasses from power plants that then need to have it transported across the different states. It seems like a win-win situation.


This is equivalent to an ingenious way to help the start of closing the carbon cycle. If we can capture carbon help reduce before, it reaches the atmosphere, and this could have a precious impact on our planet.

Earthly Labs

This technology is in use by approximately two dozen or so regional breweries, and it has some significant potential to help reduce greenhouse gasses. While this testing is going on, they will be checking the soil and water, taste, and smell of the plants and the potency as well.

This one is also going to help cannabis cultivation in the industry. This may be the key to keeping interested in how the environment and cannabis can both work together and create a very balanced harmony. Could put Colorado weed on the map for the unique quality and flavour that this new system may have on cannabis.

We are going to keep up to date with this and see where it may lead the industry in the United States and other countries. Helping to create a better environment improves our quality of life. This world has some very brilliant engineers, and the vibe is they are going to make some very positive change concerning the greenhouse gasses, and the taste and smell may even add to the potency of a marijuana plant.

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