Latest research measures on cannabis use for treating migraines

Published Dec 23, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Many people that suffer from migraines are turning to medical marijuana and CBD oil for relief. People have been using marijuana as a treatment for thousands of years to treat numerous conditions. Many studies are being done to support the effects that cannabis can have on migraines and hearing of people's experiences, and some evidence from studies that have and are being held can help you to build confidence in this treatment idea.

Most people say they get relief while using cannabis. From 1847-1942 marijuana was the go-to for assistance with patients reporting that it helped them with nausea and to dull the pain, but for the best results, administering cannabis as soon as the symptoms begin is necessary.

Marijuana has two main components cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is associated with the feeling of euphoria, and CBD slows down the brain and leaves you feeling relaxed. Marijuana for pain has been questioned for centuries, and we are just now beginning to understand why.

What is a migraine?

Migraines can affect you daily activities with intense symptoms like flashes of light and nausea blind spots. Some have tingling or numbness in the extremities sweating, and vomiting, difficulty thinking, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. The cause of migraines is unknown and continues to be studied.

Sativa or Indica?

As more research is being done on cannabis for the pain, we need to consider the type of weed strain that might be most beneficial .Sativa has high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, giving you an uplifting feeling and a sense of euphoria. CBD provides a calming atmosphere and sedative properties. Indica delivers full-bodied effects and, therefore, ideal for use at night.

What are the best strains?

Sleeping off a migraine is next to impossible, and most people try, but migraines are agonizing, making it almost hard to sleep. A pure Indica strain can help you get some much-needed sleep and help with nausea that comes with a migraine. We will have a look at some pure Indica strains that may aid in some relief.

1. Purple Kush (Indica)
PK is a well-known strain and is a pure Indica. It contains 17-22 % THC proving you with a numbing feeling full-body relaxation feeling. That is precisely what a bad migraine needs, and it provides a rejuvenating sleep.

2. White Widow (Hybrid)
This is a great strain as a Sativa hybrid has a very energizing effect. Some use a white widow for its cerebral results, saying it makes them more aware of their surroundings. They are also described as an immediate uplift in energy and mood while helping with migraine symptoms, depression and fatigue. It contains 15 -20 percent THC.

3. OG Kush (Hybrid)
OG Kush is considered to be a legendary marijuana strain, and it helps to alleviate migraines with 27 percent THC levels. This strain has a definite head effect that helps with migraines and anxiety, and it also helps with nausea and depression.


4. Lemon Kush (Hybrid)
LK has a THC level of about 20-25 percent. It is named after its citrus-like flavor. Helps with nausea related to migraines seem to help one relax and be in the moment.

5. Critical Mass (Hybrid)
This one is a hybrid strain and has one of the highest THC/CBD combinations. With 20 percent THC and 10 percent CBD, this strain was explicitly made for therapeutic uses. It is ideal for migraines as the cannabinoid levels are very well balanced.

6. Green Crack (Sativa)
If you want migraine relief, this strain will not disappoint you. It hits you instantly and is fast-acting on symptoms of migraine. Its THC levels are 16 percent on average, with a significant relaxing effect that helps relieve migraine symptoms.

7. Kryptonite (Indica)
Comes with 25 percent THC level, so this strain will knock out those migraine symptoms fast. It’s a pure Indica so will give you a lovely calming feeling and let you sleep, which is why this is some severe migraine relieving weed

8. Purple Haze (Sativa)
This strain will give you a nice head high that is awesome for fighting painful migraines. The 20 percent THC level and the CBD richness provides this strain with a great balance of medicine to effectively give you relief.

9. Blue Dream (Hybrid)
The Blue Dream strain is a common choice for daytime relief. With a 17-25 percent THC. Blue dream is a blessing as it helps painful migraines and nausea. Its fast-acting relief will not make you feel sedated.

10. Tangerine Dream (Hybrid)
This is an award-winning strain and has a high THC level of 25 percent Great strain for migraines as with your first hit, you will feel the tremendous cerebral head relief. It is also recommended for many other pains as well.

Some people don’t want to be smoking weed for migraines, but there are other ways to ingest the healing properties of this miracle drug. CBD oil is one way, and of course, cannabutter is another form that you can use to help to reduce some of your symptoms. Marijuana for migraines is still being studied and will continue to be a debate, but there have been some fantastic breakthroughs in regard to marijuana for pain relief.

Whether you are smoking weed or ingesting marijuana for your migraine symptoms, the fact that cannabis contributes to relieving pain is an absolute plus. That is just another reason to keep finding ways to make this herb a part of our regular medicines and not something to look at as a taboo.

How to use Marijuana to treat migraines and headaches


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