Innovative cannabis science highlights

Published May 17, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Introducing new ideas and featuring the new methods within the cannabis industry renews the ways that weed and related products are used by us today. Innovations in the cannabis science field do not go unnoticed. Today innovative cannabis science developments are presented at prestigious award ceremonies. Cannabis research and cannabis education are the paths to a better understanding of the beautiful cannabis plant.

Some of the best high-lights from innovative cannabis science endeavors are worth mentioning, and we’ve got the best ones right here.

Cannabis science in testing, medicine, and botany, is the driving force behind recognizing new cannabis products. Innovation awards have been held to shine the light on emerging products that cannabis research is presenting for cannabis consumers. Let’s look at some of the most innovative tools or technologies.

Pulverisette 19 Precision Cutting Mill System

This system is set to re-engineer milling for the cannabis industry. Grinding marijuana flower to a consistent particle size is paramount for producing numerous cannabis products, including everything from extracts to pre-rolls. The variable-speed motor is adjustable to control the particle size output. This system is best for a large-scale operation. It offers continuous processing of 1 to 5 pounds per minute on average, and the system is designed for GLP/GMP practices.

The technology used in this system is a forward step towards efficiency and standardization within the industry. The extraction rate is improved, and the fear of losing terpenes or cannabinoids from heat is no longer necessary. The speed of the cutting allows no time for friction.

Triploid seed

What could be more innovative and beneficial in cannabis science than the Triploid seed? This cannabis variety cannot be seeded by rogue pollen that is lingering in the neighborhood. When the female cannabis plant is pollinated by a hermaphrodite or male, it is disastrous for the cannabis farmer. The pollinated plant will produce unwanted seeds instead of the highly sought-after buds.

The company believes in the importance of cannabis research and science as it’s been essential for this creation. The Triploid seeds take this worry out of the farmer's head. No longer do they have a fear of cross-pollination. Farmers can now grow their crops without worry.

The cannabis science and research coming from this company could be a huge potential advancement for the cannabis industry moving forward. Triploid seeds will be the tool that helps farmers to increase revenues from their farms, as opposed to lower yields, potency, and an increased risk of cross-pollination.

HempLab Inc

This testing device for hemp and weed uses fluorescent spectroscopy to deliver reliable results in under 20 mins. The lab-quality results require 100mg of biomass per test. Results are given as low as 0.1% for THC and CBD. The seamless interface makes it easy to operate. The simplicity of the device removes any potential for human error, which is normally associated with all portable devices.

Potency Testing Plus T-Check

If you prefer to make your own butter from cannabis, then you can use the Plus T-Check device to remove the guesswork behind doses. This device provides lab-grade accuracy for CBD and THC levels, and it even comes with an app to check your potency if you are on the go. The company also manufactures an expansion kit which will test flower with ease.

The Armoire

Green Goddess Supply has an easy, fast-growing device that will meet the dreams of every cannabis connoisseur. Dreams become a reality with this product. Cannabis science has provided us with a furniture-inspired product capable of growing your herb for you, anywhere in your home. There is no smell due to the provided no smell carbon scrubber  and quiet filtration system that needs only minutes of your time daily to be maintained. Each unit comes with a 90-day support concierge, ensuring that your journey with growing is a success.

Cannabis education and research are essential tools for all of us who are interested in this fairly new legal business. Cannabis science will also continue to play an important role in improving cannabis education which we need in order to understand the budding wealth of promises the cannabis plant has for us to discover. Innovation is the promise to finding the profitable green path for this industry.

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