How innovative technology can improve the cannabis industry

Published Jan 24, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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New technology is going to launch the industry towards success, and we don’t just mean that producers will be capable of growing more in less time. Changes are coming that will make this whole space a better place to live, work, and play, and it’s all thanks to the latest and greatest cannabis tech that’s coming to market.

A smaller carbon footprint

One of the biggest complaints about the cannabis industry is the fact that it boasts a massive carbon footprint that’s hard to ignore in an age when awareness is on the rise, and people, businesses, governments, and organizations are making huge promises to change that. If we want to get a handle on the amount of carbon being pushed out into the air we breathe, we’re going to need cannabis tech, such as energy-efficient lighting, automatic caring systems for growers, and better practices reliant on far fewer chemicals to manage things like disease or pests.

More choices for consumers

New technology is making it easier for producers to grow more products in less time, using minimal space, and that’s great news for consumers, who will benefit from a wider variety of options as growers perfect their processes, but that’s not all. Scientists and experts are working on ways to harvest THC that doesn’t rely on the cultivation of traditional plants. Instead, they’re using plant cells and labs to get the job done.

This might not sound like a huge deal, but once producers can turn out barrels of concentrates without having to wait all year for harvest, the prices of those products are very likely to go down, which means more revenue for businesses and lower cost for enthusiasts.

Less waste

Cannabis regeneration is just one way to reduce the amount of waste for producers and the planet. New technology is helping us to build better and longer lasting homes using products like hempcrete. All levels of the industry are looking at various new ways to recycle, reuse, and respect the environment while still turning out a profit from products consumers truly enjoy, and it’s all thanks to advances in cannabis science and technology.


Better education

Could you imagine walking into your local dispensary to find an interactive holographic machine that allows you to search through strain databases, scientific research and discoveries, or in-depth explanations of possible effects? What if with one touch, you could have all the answers you’ll ever need, be it scout science, genetics, cannabis companies or products? That is the way of the future, and some dispensaries are already making it happen with help from new technology and some of the brightest creators in the world.

How can the use of new technology in industry benefit producers?

We always talk about these advancements in terms of how they positively influence the environment and market to benefit people, but there is a huge payoff for producers as well on the horizon. Though in some cases, it might take an initial investment, new technology is making it easier than ever before to fill whole greenhouses with plants while relying on the fewest number of workers to keep things going. Less electricity used means lower bills. Shorter grow periods mean more opportunity to pull off an extra crop increasing revenue.

No matter how you look at it, technology is a breath of fresh air for everyone who relies on or is involved with the cannabis industry, including producers, which is why they’re often the first ones ushering in these exciting new changes.

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