How and why you should use a CBD vape pen to quit smoking

Published Sep 6, 2019 10:04 a.m. ET

While the media stays focused on the recreational benefits of the cannabis plant, consumers seem to be catching on to the medicinal side of things. As society shifts towards a more health-conscious awareness, it makes sense that so many people are seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical options, and the marijuana plant might be just the answer they need.

Though THC is an incredibly powerful cannabinoid that induces an intense euphoric sensation that can aid in the treatment of many different conditions, CBD is a quieter and less noticeable adversary with its own unique set of benefits. CBD is non-psychoactive, but still produces many of the same characteristics as it’s counterpart, with a few extra bonuses along the way.

One of the things that cannabis researchers have found is that CBD is a significantly influential aid in treating addictions. The most common habit that so many people are trying to kick is smoking, and CBD can be the perfect tool to help with that. Here, we have outlined some of the proven benefits of using CBD to combat addiction, alongside a step by step guide on using a CBD vape pen to quit smoking.

The benefits of a CBD vape pen in the treatment of addiction

Improved mood

CBD will not get you high, and a CBD vape pen can help you to feel better when your body is going through the throes of withdrawal from a lack of nicotine. One of the most common side effects from quitting smoking is agitation which can be dramatically curbed with the help of a CBD vape pen.

Reduced nausea

A lack of appetite and even vomiting can be quite normal for a long-term smoker who has suddenly decided to quit. Luckily, CBD settles the stomach as it melts away nausea and helps you to get back to feeling like yourself.

Treats pain

Aches and pains that were probably there all along can become much more pronounced and noticeable when you are quitting smoking. Most sore and achy joints and muscles are due to a case of inflammation, and a CBD vape pen can help to reduce the swelling from the inside out, which will ultimately reduce this uncomfortable side effect of quitting smoking.

Replaces the hand to mouth action that smokers become accustomed to

Leaving behind the nicotine is only half of the habit, as the majority of long-term smokers end up with an oral fixation that requires the hand to mouth action to occur without even thinking about it. A CBD vape pen can help to imitate a cigarette, and there are even brands out there that are made to do just that so that you can go about your day and hardly even notice that you’ve left your smokes in the past for good.


Less adverse health effects when compared to smoking cigarettes

Inhaling anything into your lungs other than oxygen is incredibly unnatural which is bound to come with some adverse health consequences. Fortunately, vaping has not been found to cause cancer or many of the other illnesses and diseases that we know smoking does. This makes a CBD vape pen the safer option between the two, and an excellent starting point for quitting smoking.

Types of CBD vape pens

There are two standard sizes of CBD vape pen with the first resembling a cigarette and requiring CBD vape juice or CBD vape oil, and the second, a more professional rung that allows for vaping CBD concentrates and/or bud flowers. No matter which device is chosen, the results should be similar. If you trying to quit smoking and wants to replace cigarettes with a CBD vape pen, then you might want to invest in a kind of e-cigarette, as they are compatible with CBD vape juice and CBD vape oil which can easily be infused with nicotine doses that can be lowered over time, until it is no longer needed.

How to use a CBD vape pen to quit smoking

  1. Select your CBD vape pen based on both need and preference. Some will allow for easy replacement of a CBD vape oil cartridge that can be purchased premade and premeasured, while others will require that you make your own CBD vape oil to consume. So be sure to thoroughly investigate all your options until you are satisfied with one that will work for you.

  2. Charge up your brand-new CBD vape, and once it is ready to go, you can install the CBD vape juice cartridge.

  3. Most e-cigarette work off a sensor that can detect when the user inhales, which releases a steady stream of vapor. Now that your device is ready to go, read the user manual so as to be informed if this special feature, or if your CBD vape pen has a push-button start.

  4. Use your CBD vape pen in place of your normal cigarette. If you find that you’re still feeling agitated and uncomfortable, then you might need to investigate nicotine-infused options.

  5. If you are already using nicotine-laced CBD vape oil, then the next step is to slowly reduce the quantity of nicotine over time. The rate at which you do this is entirely up to you, and it can happen over a long or short period, as no matter how long it takes, you have already taken an empowering step in the right direction towards kicking a terrible habit for life.

CBD shows promising results as an aid to combat addiction


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