Have you ever heard of laser bongs?

Published Aug 18, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET

The cannabis industry has many different facets that keep the industry fresh. Bongs are part of the industry. A bong can go by many names, including water pipe, moof, billy-bong, and whatever else you choose to call it. It is a filtration device for smoking cannabis. Bongs come in many sizes and shapes. The cost of a decent bong can range from an affordable $100 to $24,000 for the over the moon technology of the laser bong.

The Silicon Cali company has developed a space-age laser bong, B-Laze. The company states this is the original laser bong. The utilization of borosilicate glass makes this bong among the latest in innovation and technology. The unit uses 445-nanometer lasers to light the bong bowl. For reference, this unit is about 400 times stronger than the laser pointer used in presentations, which has about five milliwatts.

The company sells special glasses for the protection of your eyes while taking a hit. Just in case you look at the bowl by accident directly. The company is quick to point out that the laser is not strong enough to hurt you. The co-founder of the company Justin Zelaya says the laser is not dangerous. He states that you may notice the feelings similar to when you put your hand under a magnifying glass in the sun if you put your hand in the way of the laser.

A general thought from regular bong users is that when they are stoned, they do not want to be extra cautious, and look out for what may be perceived as danger when indulging. The small computer that controls the bowl allows for the bowl to spin while you are lighting it. The Californian custom blown glass used for the laser bong is lined beautifully with color changing LED’s. The amazing product is controlled by an app on your phone.

Silicones Cali’s website indicates that only the magically number of 420 devices will be sold.

So, now you know about the B-Laze are you wondering how much different this tool is then others, and is it worth 2400 dollars?

Your B-Laze is hand-assembled before the electronics are soldered, and all cases are laser cut after measuring. The assembly of the unit is in-house and conducted by the inventor. Each unit includes:

·         1 fully functioning and numbered bong from the signature series


·         1 protective case

·         Accessories

·         2 pairs of goggles per kit

A good question is, who is the consumer of this massively over-priced bong?  The market for this pre-ordered laser bong is all over the board as far as economically who is purchasing the bong. However, it is reported that the overall taste produced from the apparatus is the ultimate persuader in people spending $24,000 on a bong. No matter the fact that it is laser, it is a filtration device for smoking weed.

So, if you have been one of the lucky ones to have pre-ordered your laser bong, I hope you are continuing the affluent manner and choosing to burn a top-shelf flower or perhaps you prefer a concentrate.

When using your laser bong remember to take all the precautions mentioned in the manual.  As an experienced bong user you know already about the faster more potent hit bongs deliver. This extraordinary laser bong is no exception. ENJOY!!!

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