Fanshawe College is a great place to learn about cannabis science

Published Dec 15, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis college courses are slowly becoming the norm, with many educational institutions now offering certification through courses that can help to prepare the canna-interested in a job in this exciting, new field, but few are as equipped to do the job as well as Fanshawe College right here in London, Ontario. This is something we’ve discovered at a recent conference, where the school sent some of its finest minds to represent and present the possibilities to anyone who might be interested in such an opportunity, and what they had to share was pretty amazing.

A high-tech lab

Fanshawe College is home to one of the biggest cannabis science research facilities in the country, with hundreds of square feet filled with some of the most advanced technology out there. Here, both experts and students of certain programs are offered the chance to get real hands-on experience in a fully equipped lab while also making history with fantastic discoveries, specialized equipment, and state-of-the-art extraction techniques.

Specialized research

Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, only those who work in Fanshawe College’s cannabis lab will get to see and know about all of the incredible research that’s happening here, but at the Grow Up Conference and Expo, representatives revealed some of the facility’s focus which is geared towards terpenes, microcannabinoids, and concentrating them as much as possible. Powerful elements like CBG and CBN are getting the full attention of Fanshawe interns and scientists, and it’s exciting enough to garner contracts with some of the biggest cannabis companies across the country.

Options for those who aren’t interested in lab time

Not everyone is a cannabis science fanatic, and that’s ok because Fanshawe offers dozens of different cannabis college courses that train and teach outside of the lab. Whether you want to be a certified cannabis consultant, master grower, general laborer, nutrition specialist, cultivation expert, terpene connoisseur, or budtender, there’s something here for you. Some courses run for less than a year, while others are more intensive with up to 3 years of classes, ensuring that every professional who graduates here has an excellent chance at making grand waves in the cannabis industry.

Agricultural roots

Fanshawe College has deep agricultural roots, attracting thousands of students each and every year who want to know more about various aspects of farming and growing, so it’s only fitting to see cannabis added to the list of offerings here. Not everyone is pleased with the idea, as some still maintain a firm stance against the recreational use of the plant; that’s not what they’re teaching. Instead, the focus is on professionalism, real-life knowledge, and a clearer understanding of the basics of horticulture in the cannabis industry.

Pursuing a cannabis career might not be the right choice for everyone, but for those who are looking for a dependable and trusted institution offering some of the highest quality educational courses in Canada, Fanshawe College is certainly an excellent place to start. With affordable prices, online options, and financial assistance advisors, you just can’t go wrong.

Improving the accessibility and quality of cannabis education


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