Encouraging cannabis testing

Published Feb 28, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET

Why is medical marijuana testing beneficial you may ask? Cannabis testing ensures that the product we are using is healthy and safe for our use. Let us look at what using a marijuana analysis lab can provide for us.

Here are requirements under the ACMPR guidelines:

Visual Examination: This is a physical identity procedure. The lab will look at the color, the texture, and the aroma. They will be looking for signs of contamination or evidence that the raw cannabis is spoiling. They will also be looking to make sure there is no evidence of insects or stalks. This visual inspection will ensure that there are no pests, lurking within the raw cannabis material that you have submitted for testing.

Microbiological and Analytical Analysis: This is a screening program that ensures all raw cannabis is checked for unknown microorganisms.

Pesticides: Growers have their marijuana products and medical marijuana testing for pesticides done through the labs. The testing will uncover any banned pesticides that were used.

Moisture Content: Moisture analysis is required so that the potency can be determined. This procedure requires 24hr for the results to be achieved.

Cannabinoid Profile and Potency Testing: A requirement of Health Canada is that each batch of cannabis is tested for potency. These THC lab tests must be clearly stated on the packaging. The most common method of achieving the potency level is a technique known as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).


How to lab test weed at home

Being that it is so important for medical cannabis users to have accurate and consistent doses for their medical needs, there is a personal Analytical detection kit on the market. This kit will provide an affordable way for medical and recreational users to monitor the THC and CBD levels in the product they are using.

The CB Scientific THC detection kit is a like a personal cannabis testing machine, it is very easy to use and provides results in as little as ten minutes. The kit provides vials and solutions to go in the vials. When you combine the cannabis with the provided liquids and shake the container for the allotted 10 minutes,you will see a reaction between the THC and the liquid. There will be a color change. The kit provides a color chart for you to compare your liquid in the vile with. The chart colors go from very pale almost white to the other end of the spectrum which is a verydark red color.  The darker the color of red, the more potent the sample is. The top end of the color chart usually indicates 20% and higher THC levels.

This cannabis testing equipment will prove to be beneficial to numerous consumers. The medical consumer will have clear reputable knowledge of the dosage of their prescribed medicine. There will be no guessing here accuracy shines through.  This equipment will also be beneficialto the recreational user. Nothing better than to be able to know what the percentage of THC or CBD in the strain you are using really is. Great for the home chef that likes to move around the kitchen, trying different cannabis-infused items in their menu. Using cannabis when infusing your food will be much more reliable when you can accurately know the cannabinoid levels of both THC and CBD without leaving the kitchen.

Cannabis testing should be encouraged by all; the grower benefits, the user benefits, consumers in general benefits by receiving a regulated safe product. It is a win-win solution for all.

Remember to be responsible and enjoy!



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