CST to host virtual Hemp Science and Technology event

Published Sep 17, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Virtual events have quickly become a part of our new normal, as the world attempts to navigate a return to life and a functioning economy as safely as possible. It’s a sad time for industry professionals who were looking forward to the biggest shows and events as a way of broadening their education and connections within the community, but this new adapted way of doing things is nothing like watching a regular television show on your computer.

Cannabis Science & Technology has hosted many cannabis events in the past, but this one looks much different than the rest, and that might be a good thing. This 2-day hemp symposium will be chaired by none other than the founder, CEO, and Chief Technical Officer of industry leader Big Sur Scientific, and the focus will be on topics that are most valuable to hemp professionals such as cultivation, hemp analysis, and extraction.

What does Hemp Science & Technology have to offer?

The 2-day-long Hemp Science & Technology Symposium will feature discussions, talks, and engaging panels with hemp scientists, researchers, and successful industry leaders, and the entire thing will be divided into three separate sessions.

  1. New developments in hemp testing

  2. Optimizing hemp extraction

  3. Overcoming key learning challenges

Each of these sessions will include 30-minute long expert talks and 1 hour of a less structured conversation featuring key speakers.

When and where

The webcasts will each start at a set time and day, so make sure to set your alarm as a reminder.

Session 1: October 28th at 10pm


Session 2: October 28th at 1pm

Session 3: October 29th at 10am

Who should attend

Most of the virtual events that have been associated with cannabis have been geared towards the consumers, but this one is for the experts and professionals.

  • Lab directors and technicians
  • Hemp extractors
  • Hemp farmers
  • Hemp growers
  • Hemp breeders
  • Regulators who want to get involved with hemp

Where to register

If you want to participate in the Hemp Science and Technology Symposium, then you’ll need to register in advance of the event. Once you’re registered, you will be provided with a link to log in, and from there, you will be able to tune in to the virtual events once they start.

More about Cannabis Science & Technology

Cannabis Science and Technology offers a print magazine as well as an online system that helps to educate those who work within the cannabis industry on key topics, including processing and manufacturing, analytical testing, cultivation, quality assurance and control, and anything else that is related to cannabis science and technology. Their website helps to keep both experts and consumers up to date on the processes and products that are available, including the hottest releases long before they’re widely produced and on the market.

Cannabis and hemp events may have a different face this year, but the offerings and people are still the same ones that you’ve been working alongside since the very beginning. It might take a bit of time to adjust to this new platform, but for now, it’s an efficient way to connect everyone from all corners of the cannabis industry while we wait for a better, long-term solution.

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