CRAC to showcase plant-based tech that may help to solve COVID-19

Published Mar 18, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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The Clinical Research Association of Canada has lined up an exciting group that includes researchers, scientists, and experts who are actively working in the fight against COVID-19. This virus has nearly crippled the world, but luckily some of the world's most brilliant minds are working on a solution, and for this virtual conference, they will gather to showcase everything from plant-based immunology and vaccines to the latest, most innovative technologies in the field.

When and where

Since COVID-19 has made gathering in person an endeavour that is not currently recommended, CRAC is offering this virtual conference online on March 18th from 6-9 pm so that interested attendees can take in all of the valuable information and ask questions from the safety of their own homes.

What to expect

This online event includes an incredible lineup of educated and experienced speakers from some of the most notable companies and research facilities across the country.

  • Canadian Medicagowill provide insight into a brand-new plant-based technology that can help in the production of both immunotherapies and vaccines.

  • Skymount Medical/DeepDrug will talk about how artificial intelligence is being used to develop new therapeutic treatments for COVID-19.

  • Entos Pharmaceuticals will be here to discuss their drug delivery platform as well as its applications for the Fusogenix DNA vaccine, which was created in response to COVID-19.

  • LMC Manna Research will provide a unique perspective into the opinions of patients who were recently part of a vaccine study that was conducted in collaboration with Medicago.


  • Nathalie Charland, PhD, Senior Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs at Canadian Medicago

  • Dr. Kishor Wasan, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Skymount Medical/DeepDrug

  • Dr. Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Head of Deep Drug Program at Entos Pharmaceuticals

  • Catalina Vasquez, Lead of Clinical Development at Entos Pharmaceuticals

  • Raphael Brochu, regional site lead at LMC Manna Research

  • How to register

    For members of the Clinical Research Association of Canada as well as non-members, this virtual event will be completely free, thanks to a generous sponsor OKR Financial. However, registration should be completed prior to the event, and it can be done in no time by clicking here.

    What is CRAC?

    The Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC) has been hard at work for more than 30 years since its inception in 1988. The association's initial objective started out simple, offering a place where ideas related to pharmaceutical clinical research could be discussed, but over time it evolved to include other topics, such as biotechnology and device clinical research.

    These meetings were once much more challenging for industry professionals to be part of, as they began in Toronto, but now they also happen in both Calgary and Montreal. Though the establishment of the group was initially mandated by PMAC to facilitate clinical research with a focus on CRAs, it’s quickly become an essential space for researchers from all across Canada.

    CRPC certification

    CRAC is always evolving to meet the demands of an ever-changing world, and one of its most recent additions is the Clinical Research Professional of Canada (CRPC) certification, a program that helps to recognize the most dedicated and knowledgeable Canadian clinical research professionals and their actions.

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