Could cannabis help to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Published Jul 26, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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The deadly COVID-19 virus may have met its match. Could the cannabis Sativa plant be the answer to curtailing this virus? Some researchers believe that smoking a joint could protect you from the infection. Strange, but the scientific evidence produced from the ongoing research indicates that cannabis maybe not just for our recreational enjoyment but also for aiding in the control of the virus.

Canadian researchers believe that a particular strain of cannabis could be the answer to preventing the COVID-19 virus. Olga and Igor Kovalchuck had been working on developing a strain to combat cancer and inflammation, and then the pandemic hit the world, and the couple changed the focus of their research to include the COVID-19. Looking at research from other scientists lead the couple to determine that a particular strain of cannabis could potentially aid in blocking COVID-19 from entering the body.

Closing the door

The bodies AE2 receptors work like doorways for the virus to enter our bodies. The results that the two Canadian scientists have now revealed indicates that cannabis could decrease ACE2 gene expression levels. This action temporarily closes the door on the virus's entry. It is also possible from the research conducted that a particular strain could be useful in preventing the virus from being propagated once it has already entered into the body.

Fact or theory

Currently, it is a theory rather than a confirmed fact that cannabis could be instrumental in the fight against the COVID-19. However, there is hope for the future. When moving forward in the fight to combat the virus, the next step would be to manufacture the correct strain and include it in medical formations and treatment used in the medical field. The likelihood is that it will not be possible for you to purchase a joint at the local dispensary that will prevent the virus from attacking you.

No one size fits all here

The scientists are positive about finding a strain of cannabis that will help in the treatment or prevention of COVID-19. However, it is possible that some strains could potentially make the virus's effects even worse. The scientists believe that there is no surety that one strain fixes all. The extracts from the high CBD C Sativa lines may be a useful and safe addition to the treatment of the deadly COVID-19 virus therapy, as the study conducted indicates.

Interesting closing

Smoking marijuana helps to develop an association with large airway inflammation. Those who smoke cannabis regularly have reported experiencing more chronic bronchitis symptoms than those who do not smoke. There has been some literature that suggests smoking THC and its immune-suppressing effects might increase the susceptibility to one developing lung infections.

However, recent data from Atlanta's Emory University suggests that cannabis smoking one joint a day for twenty years did not result in lung damage to the study participants. So perhaps the continued studying of cannabis and COVID-19’s relationship will uncover that the virus has probably met its match. Cannabis could be the natural plant that can help save lives and battle the virus.

A critical marijuana moment could be the very fact that smoking cannabis does not do the same damage to the lungs as smoking tobacco does. However, for those asking how can I clean my lungs with cannabis, the answer is simple. You just have to practice deep breathing to cleanse the lungs. The shallower we breathe, the more that toxins pollutants and allergens are trapped in our lungs. Remember that the lungs need exercise to stay healthy and deep breathing can help.

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