Calling all budtenders who want to get paid to smoke weed

Published Apr 5, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET

Getting paid to enjoy some greens sounds like a dream come true for stoners everywhere, and now that so many are running short on employment opportunities, it could truly be an answer to the financial woes of cannabis industry professionals who have lost their jobs due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Right now, positions are opening up for budtenders who are interested in participating in clinical research in the name of cannabis science, and we’re here to tell you all about the unique chance including who qualifies, when it is, how much it pays, and how to get started on your own application.

What is a budtender?

A lot of cannabis enthusiasts might consider themselves to be relatively knowledgeable on the subject of strains, products, and pretty much everything else there is to know about the miraculous plant, but a budtender is a special position that is typically located in a cannabis dispensary. Budtenders help customers by recommending products and strains to suit every need, and through years of experience, they have gained an invaluable education and insight into consumers.

Who is running the program?

AHLOT is a cannabis company that is located in Toronto, Ontario, and the entire AHLOT committee are the ones who are reaching out to budtenders who have been impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19. The CCC does incredible work for the cannabis industry, as they work hand in hand with licensed cultivators by evaluating their range of cultivars for potential.

How many will be hired?

This is a really exciting gig, and there is expected to be a huge amount of interest in this fascinating endeavor, but for right now, the CCC is only looking at hiring 12 local budtenders to aid them in conducting clinical research that is essential for both medical and recreational consumers.

When does it start?

There are no clear start dates set out as yet, but the beginning stages of the clinical research are expected to begin at some point in the month of May.

How to sign up


Due to the crisis at hand, AHLOT will be opening an online portal where potential applicants can submit resumes, qualifications, and more all from the safety and comfort of their own homes. So if you’re interested in applying for the job, then make sure to watch for updates and openings at www.AHLOT.com.


When it comes to cannabis science, no one wants to be left behind, as most of us would love to play a part in such critical and informational study, but unfortunately, not everyone is qualified to pick up one of these rare positions. In order to qualify, the applicants must fall within the following guidelines:

  • Worked in a customer-facing role
  • Employed for a minimum of 6 months
  • Be of legal age to consume cannabis in Canada

That’s right. It’s not a huge list of must-have certifications, which means that almost any budtender in the region is qualified to apply.

Compensation and hours

Unfortunately, with the current situation at hand, it will be challenging for participants to safely conduct these experiments, which is likely the reason behind the low weekly hours that a winning applicant can expect to get. Right now, each position is expected to average between 10 and 15 hours per week, but the job pays well enough to make up for it. The lucky few winners will be well compensated for their time, as the positions pay $50 per hour, regardless of qualifications.

The importance of continuing with cannabis science

As time begins to feel like it’s standing still, this pandemic might seem like an assured end to what so many would deem to be non-essential clinical research, but the show must go on, and the secrets that are uncovered with studies like this, far outweigh the risks of continuing. The experts must continue to push forward, as we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what this fantastic plant has to offer, and nothing, not even a pandemic, can stop these guys from doing their best to figure it all out.

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