A review of the new PAX Era Life

Published Apr 29, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Who needs more complication today? Simplicity is what we really want when we’re using cannabis. Accessories come and go, but PAX continues to supply us with a simple, safe means of enjoying our cannabis in different forms. The PAX brand is familiar and appreciated for its hand-held, pocket-sized oil and flower vaporizer. Let's check out the new PAX Era Life.

The PAX Era Life is a brand new product within the PAX Era line. It is the most streamlined device that can accommodate marijuana oil. Its relatively low price point makes the Pax Era Life more widely accessible to all cannabis oil users.

Open the package

  • A four-inch-long charging cable arrives with the PAX Era Life that is usually halfway charged. The total charge time takes about 45 mins.

  • Like the PAX 3 and all of the PAX family, the PAX Era Life has an X-shaped light on the unit's front. Each arm of the X (or petals) illuminates independently. The users are alerted to the battery percentage left with these lights, as each arm represents 25% battery life.

  • The upper left arm will be flashing red if the battery requires charging.

  • Once the PAX Era Life is fully charged, all of the arms will glow bright white for a few seconds, fade and then repeat.

Bonus points

This compact PAX Era Life marijuana oil vape uses proprietary PAX marijuana pods. The bonus points offered by this device are numerous.

  • It is a compact, streamlined handheld device.

  • The PAX Era Life is about one centimetre shorter than the PAX Era Pro.

  • Simple and easy functions.

  • Re-insert PAX pod to choose one of the four temperature settings.

  • There is no app connectivity required for this simple oil pod vape.

  • No options for child locks or low-pod alerts

Although the PAX Era Life may lack some ornamental additions, don't worry; it makes up for this by providing a long battery life(up to 150 hits per charge). The amazing flashy new colour choices like Grass, Blaze, and Indigo are certainly going to interest all.

How does it work?

The PAX Life Era is really the most scaled-down piece of the PAX family, which makes it the easiest to use. When you purchase your device, it is ready to go directly from the package. It’s simple, plug in the pod, inhale and then smile.

What temp?

Just a general note to the novice user, when extracts are vaped at a lower temp, robust flavours are produced, and a gentle sloping high will be noted. If you use a higher temp setting, you may experience a wild onset. The four settings on all PAX products will accommodate all users' preferences. The pop and click method will activate the PAX Era Life temperature controls.


Cleaning is a breeze; the PAX Era Life uses only PAX pods, making cleaning centred on the housing of the unit. That's easy; just use an antibacterial wipe or moist cloth to wipe it down.

The pods

PAX vaporizers are exclusive and have exclusive pods to be used by the PAX vapes utilizing the SimpleClick tech. Each pod allows the choice of several different settings and will enable you to draw from the vape immediately. There is no warm-up needed. Usually, high temps will see your concentrate disappear faster, but when they’re used at a low temperature, the PAX pods are long-lasting and will supply the toker with more than two weeks’ worth of inhales.

The authentic PAX pods can only be used with the original PAX Era Life and vice-versa. The PAX pods are filled with top-shelf supreme extracts that are obtained from high-quality, reputable farms.

Final thoughts

The PAX Era Life may be the most appealing of the products from PAX. Sometimes technology is overbearing; this unit acknowledges that. There are no apps to download and decode, no extracts from unreliable and unsafe sources, and it’s incredibly easy to clean. What more could one ask for?

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