A new study links potent cannabis strains to symptoms of anxiety

Published Jun 23, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Are you one of the 13,000 people that live in southwest England that have been followed for 24 years as a participant in the cannabis study Children of the '90s? Do you know the strains of weed that you have been using in the last year? Was it potent, and how did the cannabinoids react with your mind and body? Let's take a look at what the study uncovered, shall we?

One of the most commonly used drugs in the world today is cannabis. The legality of this drug is not worldwide, however. The study referred to is from the UK. The use of marijuana in this study exposes the herb, as when the product is a highly potent strain, it is more than four times likely to cause the user to experience some form of an anxiety disorder.

The chicken or the egg?

More potent strains of weed or existing anxiety issues who know which is responsible for the ultimate experience when indulging in potent strains of marijuana.  Did you have existing anxiety issues before using potent strains of weed and are wondering if it is the different strains of weed that are causing you to experience heightened feelings of anxiety? Or is it the potent strain of marijuana that you are using?

Regardless of age or the frequency that one indulged in potent cannabis, it had no bearing on the probability that you may experience problems down the road. However, the Children of the 90’s study were unable to answer the chicken or egg idea, of which came first, existing anxiety or potent weed. The children of the 90's study who are now adults were asked if they had engaged in any other drug use.

Further questions were given to the participants around depression and anxiety issues. If they had experienced any psychotic type of experiences like hallucinations, the experiences that the subjects disclosed were assessed by specialists. The method was to determine if the voiced experiences were similar to those of people living with psychosis.


However, the study did lean towards the certainty that the results reached were from participants who developed some mental issues after using high potency cannabis. When users were indulging in highly potent weed, they were twice as likely to experience a psychotic experience. When the frequency of how often cannabis was used was put in the equation, those results were not the same. This may suggest that the psychotic relationship and the high potency of the cannabinoid THC in marijuana may depend on how often the substance is used.


Close to eight hundred people who participated in the study had used cannabis by the age of 24. Of these numbers, 240 had used marijuana in the past year. The participants who stated they had used skunk strains of weed or higher potent type weed, were classified as using high potency weed for the means of the study.

So, when we do the numbers, does that mean that the study saw out of 13,000 people who use potent weed 240 have the potential for developing anxiety issues? This may not be a perfect study due to the U.K. legality surrounding weed and the relying of first-person reports, but it’s a good indicator of something to look out for as a cannabis consumer.

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