A new study claims dogs are drastically more sensitive to cannabis than people

Published Jun 27, 2019 09:39 a.m. ET
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Recreational marijuana is legal for those people over the age of 18 in Canada. However, legalization and the use of recreational marijuana carries added responsibility for pet owners. Experts tell us that dogs have ten times more cannabinoid receptors than humans. Your furry friend is more sensitive to a mind-altering experience from THC than you.

When purchasing your recreational marijuana, the pet owner needs to take precautions when storing their herb. Cannabis products and by-products like roaches or bong water, need to be kept out of reach from your pets.

The negative effects of weed have signs and symptoms that when observed in your pet need to be monitored. Any uncoordinated movements like dilated pupils or drooling are signs that your dog may have ingested cannabis.

Severe cases can include tremors, seizures, and sometimes, your pet may fall into a coma. If you think that your dog has gotten into your stash, notify your vet. A diagnosis that is promptly arrived at can save your dog and yourself some pain and discomfort. Dogs and other pets, metabolize cannabinoids much slower than humans, making the effects of THC on the pet last 24 hours or longer depending on the amount of cannabis consumed.

Cannabis dispensaries are not only for humans; many cannabis dispensaries are providing CBD based medicine for your furry friends. Products for your pet should be derived from hemp extract and are known to help treat a variety of health issues that your pets may experience. CBD has minimal side-effects, not like it's counter partner THC. If there are any side effects from the use of CBD, they could include diarrhea and lethargy; these symptoms are very rare when CBD is administered to your pets.

There has been to little research conducted on the beneficial use of THC for micro-dosing your pet's health ailments. As with humans, there are benefits from this medicating, and the psychoactive effects of THC are not presented. However, there is more research needed in this area to determine if THC can be administered to dogs or cats safely.

Cannabis dispensaries have CBD products like capsules, oils, and tinctures, along with treats for your pets’ ailments.

Holista Pet provides a full spectrum CBD with other cannabinoids. There is no THC in this product, so no psychoactive highs. This product is derived from 100% natural products.


CBD oils are best applied directly into your pet’s mouth by an eyedropper method. Your pet may enjoy the CBD oil on their daily meal or snack. The quick absorption method will help in providing rapid relief for the discomfort your pet is experiencing. Hemp seed oil can help to boost the immune system of your pet. CBD for pets has the same benefits that humans  are provided with:

• Pain relief
• Inflammation reduction
• Nausea control
• Separation anxiety
• Loud noises like fireworks
• Ease and stress relief when traveling for your pet

Dosing for your pets is dependent on the weight of the animal. The recommended dosing is 0.25mg to 0.5 mg of CBD for every pound that your pet weighs.

CBD Pet Tincture of 150mg is best used for small pets under 20 pounds
CBD Pet Tincture of 300mg is best used for medium pets averaging 20-60 pounds
CBD Pet Tincture of 600mg is best used for large pets over 60 plus pounds

Your local marijuana dispensary can accommodate the medicine needed for both you and your furry friend. Word to the wise; shop together for your cannabis medicine at your local dispensary but use caution when storing your stash, and your pets stash. Keep your medicines and wellness supplements separate from your pets, and a good healthy life for you and your furry friends is achievable for you both.

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