5 best industrial-sized rosin press options of 2019

Published Dec 24, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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Not everyone will have a use for a tool this big, but those that do require reliability, efficiency, and affordability, which is something we kept in mind as we gathered this fantastic list of some of the best big rosin press options on the market today.

What is a rosin press?

A rosin press is a tool that can be purchased prefabricated or replicated at home with the right materials. It is a machine that utilizes both heat and pressure to extract the precious rosin from within cannabis plant materials like the buds.

What is rosin?

Rosin is one of the healthiest and purest cannabis products on the market, as it doesn’t require any kind of solvent to make that might leave behind residual toxins. It is a thick, sticky marijuana concentrate that includes all the plant’s components including THC, CBD and terpenes which is what maintains the taste. Rosin is typically between 60% and 95% THC, making it a potent alternative to smoking cannabis buds.

5 of the best industrial rosin presses on the market

1. NugSmasher X Automatic 900MPSI rosin press

Cost: $1599.99

The NugSmashers offers a plug and play feature, which means that it’s ready to use the moment that you connect it to an outlet. It comes with 4 different types of heating base plates and can produce up to 14 grams of rosin in one single press, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the task.

Where to buy: www.rightbud.ca

2. NugSmasher Pro 20 rosin press

Cost: $6499.99

This rosin press comes equipped to work as a manual or a pneumatic machine, offering a truly personalized experience to suit any need. Though the price tag might be tough to swallow, this beauty comes with a lifetime warranty, 100-gram squish capacity, and a 7x10 plate that is large enough to do all the work for you.


Where to buy: www.trimleaf.ca

3. NugSmasher Mini 2-tonne rosin press

Cost: $699

If you are looking for a more affordable rosin press, then this gem might be just the one for you. It is well worth its price point at a fraction of the larger models, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it can’t handle whatever you have to throw at it. This mini beast uses only two tonnes of pressure, but it comes with a lifetime warranty and is often used for personal stashes as it only holds up to 3.5 grams of cannabis and requires manual force to function.
Where to buy: www.rightbud.ca

4. Pure Pressure pneumatic rosin press

Cost: $9995.99

The Pure Pressure series is entirely automatic, and it’s 10 x 3 base plate size is more than enough for your average small scale producer as it can hold up to 35 grams of pure cannabis buds, and it only uses 8 tonnes of pressure and a small amount of heat to extract the marijuana concentrate with ease.
Where to buy: www.trimleaf.ca

5. Sasquash electric rosin press

Cost: $6895.99

This is one of the sharpest looking rosin press options on this list, and if you didn’t recognize the name, you might just assume that it’s a video game cabinet of sources. It offers a level of discretion that doesn’t come with other models, a lifetime warranty, and an eye-popping 4.5-ounce maximum capacity, that makes it an ‘industrial purposes’ only type of machine.

Where to buy: www.trimleaf.ca

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