Top five best tasting weed edibles

Published Jan 25, 2019 03:57 p.m. ET

 One of the most exciting ways to consume marijuana is using edibles. Edibles come with an intense, long-lasting effect that simply cannot be beaten by any other method of ingesting. A huge benefit of edibles is that they can be made into almost anything! Whether they are delicious edible weed candy, cookies there are all sorts of treats out there! Medical use is also a big driving factor for many who partake. The benefits go beyond anything medical and are great for recreational users too. The best thing about manufactured edibles is that they come neatly labeled with exact content. Whether it’s THC of CBD you are after, edibles are the tastiest way to take a perfectly measured dose of both medication and relaxation. What are the best medical edibles, and which ones are better for recreational use? Here you will find a list of the ten best tasting weed edibles currently on the market and who makes them.

Protein Bar - Blue Jay bar
Price: $20
This protein bar created by Baked Edible Incorporatedis not only a healthy treat but also comes with a 40mg THC. Made with high-quality dark chocolate and a THC extract base with added proteins and several different kinds of nuts. With almost no detectable cannabis taste it’s delicious and perfect for any health-conscious user. You can purchase them here, and they will ship anywhere in Canada.

THC Chocolate - Hazelnut Crunch
Price: $25
These incredibly powerful sweets can be found here, with a whopping 150mg of THC. They are a product produced by Baked Edible Incorporated. Touting a mouth-watering full body high with uplifting feel with the only downside being a slightly stronger cannabis taste due to the amount of extract used. Perfect for any chocolate lover.

Edible Gummies - Fuzzy Peach
Price: $25
Everyone loves fuzzy peaches, and these ones from Buds To Go are no exception. With 100mg of THC and other flavors to choose from like cherry cola and fruit salad, these are sure to be a hit with those who like a little step up from traditional gummy bears. Coated with extra sour sugar the taste of cannabis is barely present in these fuzzy peaches, they are one of the greats.


Brownies - I Love My Nuts Cannabis Bar
Price: $15
With a slightly lower price and containing the least THC of any on the list, the I Love My Nuts cannabis bar is to die for. Offering a lighter, airier buzz this thick chocolatey brownie bar is almost too much for one person. It is a must have and highly recommended for beginners. Produced and sold by Cannabis Care who appear to have temporarily stopped production, in an attempt to stay in accordance with Canadian Law.

Hot Chocolate - Mary’s Wellness Hot Chocolate
Price: $30
This is one of the best medical edibles I have ever come across. From Mary’s Wellness hot chocolate line, this cup of heaven promises to warm you from the inside out. Containing 12 packets, each one containing 60mg of THC and 6mg of CBD. If you are looking for a treat that includes the most medicinal benefit than this one is it. Made from high-quality European chocolate, it’s not only the biggest bang for your buck but is also one of the highest quality lines out there period.

Recommended dosing per individual may vary. It is always suggested to start with smaller doses when first dappling in the world of edibles. Make sure that if you buy one for a friend you warn them of the THC content before they consume it. With varying effects similar to alcohol, it is essentialevery person taking part in consumption is aware of all the risks before they decide to partake.

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